I am Assistant Professor in Computer Engineering department, My experience in teaching 17 years includes: Fourteen years’ experience in MAEER’s MIT and three years in PVPP college of Engg., Sion, Mumbai, Perceiving Ph.D. from Department of Technology, University of Pune.



    • PhD Pursuing(Computer Sci & Engineering)

    • M.E.(Computer Engineering)

    • B.E.(Computer Engineering)


Area of Research

    • Machine Learning,Deep Learning


Research papers: 47



    • Process and Apparatus for conversion of Waste plastic into liquid and gaseous fuel. Published, IPR Ref. No.201921033809 22nd August 2019



    • Book Title: Cloud Computing policies, Outsourcing and Computing Keys Lambert Academic Publishing house, UK. ISBN-13: 978-613-9-89903-6 Published on: 2018-11-01 ISBN-10: 6139899036 EAN: 9786139899036 Price: 39.90 €



    • Teaching experience : 19 years

    • Industry experience : 6 Months



Intelligent systems, Artificial Intelligence, Syatem Programming, Parallel, Concurrent and distributed Programming, Distributed Systems, Distributed Operating System.