Dr. Shilpa Kodolikar is working as Assistant Professor in School of Chemical Engineering. Her research interests include Process development, Process Modeling and Simulation in Separation Techniques, Catalysis and Industrial Waste Water Treatment.


Qualification :

    • Ph.D.(Chemical Engineering)

    • M.E.(Chemical Engineering)


Research paper :

    • Research paper 1 : S. Kodolikar [Kulkarni], D. Bhatkhande, V. Pangarkar, P. Kulkarni, Extraction of toluene and n- heptane mixture using ionic liquid Aliquot 336 and mathematical modeling for solvent selection, Separation Science and Technology, Vol.53, Issue 1, 61-70. [Online published on 11 Sept 2017]

    • Research paper 2 : P.B. Kodolikar, S.P. Kodolikar, Energy Optimization in Ammonium Nitrate Plant, Chemical Engineering World , Vol 42, No.11 , Nov 2007, 44-50

    • Research paper 3 : V. R. Doss, S.P. Kodolikar, A comparative study of 8-hydroxyquinoline-5-sulphonic acid and its 7-nitro derivative loaded on f-400 granular activated carbon for removal of copper ions from aqueous solutions, International Journal of Environmental Sciences Vol 3, No 6, Aug 2013, 2048-2067


Experience :

    • Teaching experience : 12 Years

    • Industry experience : 1 Year

    • Research experience : 5 Years (Overlapping)


Process Modeling and Simulation, Process Dynamics and Control, Process Design and Synthesis, Catalysis, Industrial Waste Water Treatment, Separation Techniques, Computer Aided Chemical Engineering.