Associate Professor & Head of Department, Psychology


    • Double Masters: M.A. Psychology of Excellence, Germany; M.A. Counseling Psychology, Pune

    • Doctorate – Pedagogy, psychology, Germany

    • Post Doctoral Fellow -Business Leadership Education/Competency development, Germany

Research paper

    • Research paper 1 : Shah, S. S. (2014). The role of work-family enrichment in work-life balance & career success: a comparison of German & Indian managers (Doctoral dissertation), Ludwig Maximilians University Munich (

    • Research paper 2 : Shah, S. , Kisgen, S. Faix, W. G. Fostering creative personalities through real world experiences. (in pipeline) SIBE as a representative example (in pipeline).

    • Research paper 3 : Exploring work-life balance issues of academicians present at the National Teachers’ Congress 2018, India. (in pipeline)


    • Teaching experience : 5 Years

    • Industry experience :  HR training: 4 Years

    • Research experience : 8 Years


Work-life balance, stress management, leadership in organizations, conflict management, Competency Development - Germany, Psychology of Individual Differences, General Psychology, Youth Gender & Identity