Dr. Ratnadip R Joshi has a wide experience of 14 years of teaching, 2 years in industry and around 9 years of consultancy. He is engaged in Research and Development activities through funded research projects and consultancy assignments from Industry.

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His multidisciplinary facet is seen through his work in the areas of Process and Product development using principles of Chemical Engineering. His diversified work includes working in the arena of Chemical, Petrochemical, Petroleum, Polymer, Paints etc. He covers Upstream, midstream and downstream areas having his vested interest in Oil and Gas sector. Applications of advanced modular simulators as Aspen Plus, HYSYS, Honeywell’s UniSim, OLGA in process design is his area of expertise.

He is quite comfortable with process plant simulations in steady as well as dynamic states, where real time operations are involved. Dr Ratnadip R Joshi has been on the panel of many companies as Technical Advisors, which includes L&T Chiyoda, Jacobs, Honeywell, Libra Tech, Lahmayer, KFO etc. Dr Ratnadip R Joshi is handling various responsibilities in the Institute as being the Associate Dean of Quality Assurance and NBA Chief Coordinator, which assures for Outcomes Based Education and efficient teaching learning process.

He is the key person in signing MoUs with many companies for research, training and recruitment purposes. Honeywell is one such example. This 160 hrs training based module covers all the aspects of process design and Dr Ratnadip R Joshi works as a Principal Trainer for the same. He has delivered more than 110 expert sessions at professional trainings, guest sessions, invited talks, plenary sessions in international and national conferences. He has published three books and 45 research papers at various forums.

Dr Ratnadip R Joshi is a Recognized P.G. Teacher by the University of Pune. He has been appreciated for his teaching skills and innovativeness by many organizations. He is awarded with the prestigious Bharat Shiksha Ratna Award at New Delhi. Also he has received Best and Ideal Teacher Awards, twice by the Institution of Engineers, India. He is awarded with Innovative Teacher Award by the Rotary Club of Pune City. He has bagged many Best Paper awards at international and national research conferences. Special to mention, he has received the Best Team and Team Leader award for high impact skills by Dale Carnegie Inc., Bengaluru. Dr Ratnadip R Joshi is equally contributing in other areas of personality development through co- and extra-curricular activities.

He had been the Programme Officer of National Service Scheme for six years, where he was specially appreciated by the Vice Chancellor of the University of Pune. He was amongst the organizers of National Youth Festival and Games also. He is awarded by Data Puraskar by the Lata Mangeshkar Medical Foundation. Also, he is awarded with Samaj Bhushan award by Acharya Anandrushiji Foundation. He has received Favorite Teacher Award by the Alumni association also.


Qualification :

    • Ph.D.(Chemical Engineering)

    • Certified Energy Auditor, Govt. of India

    • PGDBM


Research paper :

    • Research paper 1 : Steady state Analysis of a Crude Oil Trunk Line: A Case Study, Journal of Multidisciplinary Sciences and Engineering 6 (6), 2015

    • Research paper 2: “Treatment of Petroleum Industry Wastewater using TiO2.UV Photocatalytic Process RR Joshi Journal of Indian Chemical Society 92, 219-222, 2015”

    • Research paper 3 : “Modeling and Simulation of Wax Deposition in Crude Oil Pipeline RR Joshi International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology 10 (1), 297-300, 2017”


Experience :

    • Teaching experience : 14 Year

    • Research experience : 2 Years


Refinery Process Design, Refining Operations, Process Modeling and Simulation, Plant Design and Economics, Optimization Techniques for Process Industry