Prof. Sandeep Sathe is graduated in Civil Engineering from RSCOE,Pune,(2011); Earned his masters in Structural Engineering from MIT,Pune, (2013)and pursuing Ph.D (Corrosion in reinforced concrete) in MIT World Peace University,Pune. He is currently a Assistant Professor in School of Civil Engineering, MIT World Peace University,Pune. His expertise and Research interests are in the areas of Corrosion in reinforced concrete, Fiber reinforced cocrete.His current research is on Effect of corrosion on Reinforced Cement concrete beams and experimentation on various applications in civil engineering.



    • M.E. (Structural Engineering)

    • B.E. Civil


Research Papers:

    • Research paper 1 : Experimental Study of Ferrocement panels.ISBN no-978-81-926080-0-6/22-24 Feb 2013

    • Research paper 2 : Flexural Behavior of Ferrocement Slab panel using Expanded Metal Mesh ISSN (Online) : 2319 -8753

    • Research paper 3 : “Soil stabilization by Coarse sand for different soils and pavement design ISSN (Online) :2319 -8753



    • Teaching Experience : 6 years


Applied Mechanics, Strength of Materials, Structural Analysis I, II, Structural Design I, II and III