Departmental Alumni Co-ordinator, Lab Incharge- Civil Engineering Computer Laboratory, IT Co-ordinator, SE Online Exam Co-ordinator



    • M.E. Civil – Construction and Management

    • B.E. Civil


Research Papers:

    • Research paper 1 : Gayatri Choudekar, Rohit Salgude, “Study of Road Traffic and Management; A case study at Katraj and Nalstop Intersection in Pune City”, International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology (IJIRSET). Paper ID: IJ60606012 ISSN: 2319-8753.Volume: 6, Issue: 6June 2017.Page no.:8801-8805

    • Research paper 2 : Suhas Chavan, Rohit Salgude, “Use of Nano Technology in bituminous concrete pavement”, International Journal for Science And Research in Technology, Paper ID:IJSARTV3I48961 ISSN:2395-1052 Volume: 3, Issue:4 April 2017Page No. 470-473

    • Research paper 3 : Abhay Shelke, Rohit Salgude, “Resources Optimization in Casting of Segments on Bridge Construction”, International Journal of Engineering Sciences and Research Technology, ISSN:2277-9655 June 2015



    • Teaching Experience : 6 years

    • Research Experience : 1 year


Quantity Surveying, Contracts and Tenders, Total Quality Management and Management Information System, Surveying, Civil Engineering and Surveying Methods, Statistical Methods in Construction, Infrastructure Development