Professor in Civil Engineering, National tour,Industry-Institute,Discilipline Coordinator, MIT WPU, Pune. LMISTE,LMSEA



    • Ph.D. Structures

    • M.E. Structures

    • B.E. Civil


Research papers:

    • Research paper 1 : Sudhir P. Patil (2017), “Parametric study of fibre reinforced concrete members subjected to shear bending and torsion”, Proceeding and Journal of Steel Structures and Construction and International Conference of 3rd Euro Congress on Steel and Structural Engineering, Vol.3, Issue 3, ISSN: 2472-0437, 16-17 November 2017, London, UK.pp.30.

    • Research paper 2 : Sudhir P. Patil, Dr. Keshav K. Sangle (2017), “Shear and Flexural Behavior of Pre-stressed and Non-Pre stressed Plain and SFRC Concrete Beams”, Engineering Sciences-Journal of King Saud University, Elsevier Publication, Vol.29, pp.321-328.

    • Research paper 3 : MSudhir P. Patil, Dr. Keshav K. Sangle (2016), “Tests of Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete Beams under Predominant Torsion”, Journal of Building Engineering, Elsevier Publication, Vol. 6 (2016), pp.157-162.



    • Teaching Experience : 19 years

    • Industry Experience : 1 year

    • Research Experience : 1 year


Advanvce design of steel structures, Advanced design of concrete structures,Steel structures, Prestressed concrete, Applied Mechanics, RCC Design, Strength of Materials, Structural Analysis