• Ph.D. (Chemical Engg.), Dr. BATU Lonere

  • M.Tech(Chemical Engineering)

  • B.Tech(Petro-Chemical Engineering)


Research Papers:

    • Research paper 1 : Onkar A. Deorukhkar, Yogesh S. Mahajan, Amit Katariya, Purification of tetrahydrofuran from its aqueous azeotrope by extractive distillation: Pilot plant studies”, Chemical Engineering and Processing, vo1.5, pp. 79–91, 2016.

    • Research paper 2 : Onkar A. Deorukhkar, Tamini B. R., Yogesh S. Mahajan,Entrainer Selection Approach for Distillation Column, International Journal of Chemical Engineering Research, Vol. 8,No. 1, pp. 29-38, 2016.

    • Research paper 3 : Vivek D. Talnikar, Onkar A. Deorukhkar, Yogesh S. Mahajan, “Value-Added Esterification for the Recovery of Trifluoroacetic Acid: Batch Kinetics and Reactive Distillation Studies”, Chemical Engineering Communications, 204:356–364, (2017).



    • Teaching Experience : 2 years

    • Research Experience : 4.5 years


Mass transfer, Reaction Engineering, Particle technology, Modeling simulation and control, Numerical Methods.