Professor in Civil Engineering,PG Coordinator, MIT WPU, Pune. LMISTE, LMAMIE, LMISRMTT, CE



    • Ph.D.

    • M.Tech. Structures

    • B.E. Civil


Research papers:

    • Research paper 1 : MagarPatil, H. R., “Evaluation of seismic response modification factor for asymmetric structures’, Journal of Civil Engineering Urbanism, 2017; 7(6), pp. 87-94.

    • Research paper 2 : MagarPatil, H. R., and Jangid, R. S., “Numerical Study of Seismic Performance of Steel Moment Resisting Frame with Buckling Restrained Brace and Viscous Fluid Damper”, IES Journal Part A: Civil and Structural Engineering,2015; 8(3), pp. 165-174.

    • Research paper 3 : MagarPatil, H. R., and Jangid, R. S., “Effect of energy dissipating devices on storey drift and displacement by nonlinear time history analysis”, International Journal of Structural Engineering, 2015, 6(2); 109-122.



    • Teaching Experience : 17 years

    • Research Experience : 3 years


Structural Dynamics, Eartquake Engineering, Applied Mechanics, RCC Design, Steel Design, Structural Analysis