I am working as Assistant Professor having 11 years of teaching experience and 2 years of industry experience. I am pursuing PhD in Computer and Information technology and my area of research is Soft Computing. I have published 7 research papers international conferences. I am member of various professional bodies like CSI and IEEE.Seeking excellence in the chosen professional field through self-motivation, hard work and augmentation of core skills required to effectively deliver goods. Striving to achieve excellence through selective and focused pursuit of the short and long-term goals and trying to create an environment through my chosen organization and work field where knowledge and excellence are given their due.



    • Ph.D. (Pursuing in DOT, SPPU)

    • M.E. (Information Technology)

    • B.E. (Computer Engineering) DCE


Research Papers:

    • Research Papers 1 : A cross-platform mobile expert system for agriculture task scheduling Sajeeda Shikalgar; Mamata Kolhe; Niketa Bhalerao; Saurabh Pansare; Shubham Laddha 2016 International Conference on Computing, Communication, and Automation (ICCCA)

    • Research Papers 2 : Rule extraction for detection and prevention of asthma attacks Sajeeda Shikalgar; Surabhi Marathe; Parisa Rai; Divya Nadar 2015 IEEE 3rd International Conference on MOOCs, Innovation and Technology in Education (MITE)

    • Research Papers 3 : ICAC3, Project Topic: An Internet of Things (IOT) based Monitoring System for Efficient Milk Distribution, Sajeeda Shikalgar, Dr. Debajyoti Mukhopadhyay, Preeti Chakurkar



    • Teaching experience : 11 Years

    • Industry experience : 2 Years

    • Research experience : 2 Years


FPL-1, FPL-2, CSIT-1, DSF, FDS, AI,NNES, Soft Computing, Natural Language Processing, Software Engineering, OOMD, MIS