I am working as an assistant professor at MIT College of Engineering.I have done my Masters(Computer Engineering) at sinhgad College of Engineering,Pune in May,2015. During my post graduation, I have worked as teaching assistant for which i have received GATE stipend of Rs.12,500/month from UGC/AICTE. Along with my project guide, i have published one IEEE conf. article in 2015 for which I have received 6 citations as of now.( In the year 2017,I have received grant of Rs.1,50,000 for research proposal in video copy detection domain from NVIDIA Graphics Pvt Ltd.



    • M.E. (Computer Engineering)

    • B.E. (Computer Engineering)


Reasearch Papers:

    • Reasearch Papers 1 : Recent advances in content based video copy detection,2015 – IEEE Xplore, DOI:10.1109/PERVASIVE.2015.7087093



    • Teaching experience : 3 Years


Fundamentals of Programming Languages,Problem Solving & Object Oriented Programming,Computer Networks,