Assistant Professor in Chemistry with 10 years teaching experience. Research Area and Interest: Catalysis in Ionic liquids, Synthetic Methodology, Asymmetric synthesis



    • Ph.D.(Chemistry)

    • M.Sc.(Chemistry)

    • B.Sc. (Chemistry)


Research Papers:

    • Research paper 1 : Meghana S. Rasalkar, Mahesh K. Potdar and Manikrao M. Salunkhe, “Pseudomonas cepacia lipase-catalyzed resolution of racemic alcohols in ionic liquidusing succinic anhydride: role of triethylamine in enhancement of catalytic activity” Journal of Molecular Catalysis: B Enzymatic; Vol. 27; pp 267-270; (2004) ISSN:1381-1177. (Impact factor: 1.42) .

    • Research paper 2 : Meghana S. Rasalkar, Mahesh K. Potdar and Manikrao M. Salunkhe, “An ionic liquid influenced L-prolinecatalysed asymmetric Michael addition of ketones to nitrostyrene” Journal of Molecular Catalysis: A Chemical; Vol. 235; pp 267-270; (2005) ISSN: 1381-1169. (Impact factor: 1.96)

    • Research paper 3 : Meghana S. Rasalkar, Sachin V. Bhilare, Amol R. Deorukhkar, Nitin B. Darvatkarand Manikrao M. Salunkhe, “Heteropoly acid in ionic liquid — An efficient and recyclable system for one-pot three-component Mannich reaction” Canadian Journal of Chemistry;, Vol. 85(1); pp 77-80; (2007) ISSN:0008-4042. (Impact factor: 0.96)



    • Teaching Experience : 10 Years

    • Industry Experience : 2 Years

    • Research Experience : 4 Years


Chemistry, Organic Chemistry