Anand D.Kulkarni is a M.E (Chemical Engineering) and currently pursuing PhD. After serving a chemical industry for around 3 years his passion for teaching brought him to academics. Being a teacher by choice, he likes experimenting with learning pedagogies and has successfully implemented them. His interest lies in the field of Petroleum Refining, Fuels, Thermodynamics, Instrumentation and Flow Assurance. His research work is related to biodiesel production. Currently his research is in the field of paraffin wax deposition control in crude oil using novel methods.


Qualification :

    • M.E. (Chemical Engineering)

    • B.E.(Chemical Engineering)


Research paper :

    • Research paper 1 : Kale P.R, Kulkarni A.D and Nandi S.(2014) ‘Synthesis of Biodiesel from Low Cost Vegetable Oil and Prediction of Fuel Properties of Biodiesel – Diesel Mixture’, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 53, 19654-19659

    • Research paper 2 : Mundhada C, Kulkarni A.D, Nandi S., Barshettiwar N. (2014).’Wax Deposition Profile Estimation in Production Pipeline Review’, Journal of Petroleum Engineering and Technology, Volume 4, Issue 3, pp.1-9

    • Research paper 3 : Kulkarni A.D and Wani K.S. (2016) ‘Reducing Crude Oil Viscosity Using Diluents’, International Journal in Engineering Trends and Technology, Vol.1, 85-89, ISSN: 2231-5381


Experience :

    • Teaching experience : 10 Years

    • Industry experience : 2 years, 8 months


Thermodynamics, Flow Assurance, Petroleum Refining