In pursuance of guidelines of National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), Bangalore every University is mandated to establish an Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) as a quality sustenance measure. Since quality enhancement is a continuous process, the IQAC will become a part of the University’s system and work towards the realisation of the goals of quality enhancement and sustenance. The prime task of the IQAC is to develop a system thoughtfully for conscious, consistent and catalytic improvement in the overall performance of Universities.

IQAC at MITWPU will ensure clarity and focus in University functioning towards quality enhancement, internalization of the quality culture and build an organized methodology of documentation.


  • To ensure quality culture and quality enhancement in all processes used for imparting education at Dr. Vishwanath Karad MIT World Peace University (MITWPU) Pune through internalizing all the initiatives taken with internal and external support.


  • To arrange for intermittent assessment and academic programmes or specific projects

  • To stimulate the academic environment for promotion of quality of and teaching learning research in MIT-WPU

  • To encourage self-evaluation, accountability, autonomy and innovation in MIT-WPU

  • To undertake quality related research studies, consultancy and training programmes

  • To collaborate with other stakeholders of the University for quality evaluation, promotion, sustenance and enhancement

Functions of IQAC

  • Carry out SWOT analysis of all aspects of the university

  • Development and application of quality benchmarks

  • Identifying parameters for various academic and administrative activities of the University

  • Facilitating the creation of a learner-centric environment conducive to quality education and faculty development to adopt the required knowledge and technology for participatory teaching and learning process

  • Collection and analysis of feedback from all stakeholders on quality-related university processes

  • Dissemination of information on various quality parameters to all stakeholders to inculcate mutual trust and transparency

  • Organization of inter and intra university workshops, seminars on quality related themes and promotion of quality circles

  • Documentation of the various programmes/activities leading to quality improvement

  • Acting as a nodal agency of the University for coordinating quality-related activities, including adoption and dissemination of best practices

  • Development and maintenance of University database through MIS for the purpose of maintaining /enhancing the University quality

  • Periodical conduct of Academic and Administrative Audit and its follow-up

  • Analyze the student feedback and suggest measures for improvement

  • Preparation and submission of the Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) as per guidelines and parameters of NAAC

  • Enhance interaction with management, Students, faculty and employees through formal cells

  • Enhance Industry Institute partnerships and have internships

  • Recognition of meritorious faculty based on achievements


Composition of IQAC

Members Persons Nominated


Prof. Dr. S. Parasuraman

Pro Vice Chancellor

Prof. Dr. Milind Pande


Prof. Dr. Anuradha Parasar

Representative of Management

Rahul V. Karad

Senior Administrative Officers

Prof. L. K. Kshirsagar (Head, IQAC)

Prof. Shrihari Honwad

Gp. Capt. D. P. Apte

Mr. Laxman Badime

Mr. Raghavendran V

Prof. P. Subrahmanyam

Faculty Representation

Prof. Ratnadip Joshi

Prof. Ganesh Kakandikar

Prof. Krishna Warhade

Prof. Virendra Shete

Prof. S. H. Kulkarni

Prof. C. H. Patil

Prof. Anuruddha Chabukswar

Prof. Preeti Joshi

Prof. Mahesh Sane

Prof. Archana Choudhari

Prof. T. J. Vidyasagar

Prof. Gautam Bapat

Students, Alumni, Representative, Industry Representative

Mr. Aditya Brahme

Ms. Anupama Javalgi(E & TC 1988 batch)

Mr. Anil Revankar(Mech. Sand. 1987 batch)

Dr. Sachin Lodha (TRDDC)

Mr. Ashwin Deshpande (Altair)


Dr. Shankar M. Mali


Workshop on Introduction to Research Methodology


To take an overview of research profile of the University.

Resource Persons:

Dr. B P Chatterjee, Eminent Scientist, Kolkata


Prof. S. Parasuraman, Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Milind Pande, Pro Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. R. M. Chitnis, Pro Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Shrihari Honwad, Pro Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Anuradha Parasar, Dean, Faculty of liberal Arts, Prof. Dr. B. S. Kuchekar, Dean, pharmacy ,Prof. Dr. Krishna Warhade, Dean RDIC, Dr. Shankar Mali, Co-ordinator IQAC, Prof. Jayant Khandare, Prof. Anuruddha Chabukswar, Prof.Arti Khaparde, Prof.Anup Kale, Prof.Pradeep Dhage, Prof.Hanamant Magarpatil, Prof.Ganesh Kakandikar

About the workshop:

Prof. Dr. Anuradha Parasar welcomed all dignitaries and researchers in the workshop and briefed about Research Methodology workshop. Prof. S. Parasuraman inaugurated software for Accreditation Analytics for NAAC Report. He highlighted that research carries highest weightage and is essential part of the University for all types of accreditations. Dr. Shankar Mali, Co-ordinator IQAC gave demonstration of the NAAC software to all participants.

Workshop on NAAC software Training


To train all IQAC members to use NAAC software efficiently and effectively. Venue: A204, Research Lab of E & TC, MITCOE Building, MIT World Peace University, Pune

Resource Persons:

1. Dr. Rajeev C Raghunath, CEO, Kramah Software India Pvt.Ltd.
2. Dr. Shankar M. Mali, Co-ordinator, IQAC, MITWPU


Total 74 participants benefitted from the training and will share the learning from the training session with respective Schools

Inauguration of NAAC software:

The inauguration of NAAC Software was done on 9th August 2019. Dr. Anuradha Parasar, Co-Chairperson, IQAC welcomed all the members to the training session, Dr. Milind Pande, Pro VC, IQAC set the context through his address. Prof. S. Parasuraman inaugurated software for Accreditation Analytics for NAAC. Dr. Shankar Mali, Co-ordinator IQAC gave demonstration of the NAAC software to the all participants. Dr. B P Chatterjee, Eminent Scientist, Kolkata, Dr. R M Chitnis, Pro Vice-Chancellor and other senior Faculty members were present for the inauguration.

Workshop on NAAC Accreditation Process – A Tool for Quality Improvement

IQAC and Faculty of Management (UG) of MIT World Peace University had organized Workshop on “NAAC Accreditation process- A tool for Quality Improvement” on Friday, 8th March 2019 at 3.00 pm to 0.5.00 pm at MIT-WPU Campus, Room No W-210, above Plato Hall, Dyaneshwar Hall Building, Kothrud, Pune.

Dr. Jagannath Patil, Adviser, NAAC, Bangalore, Dr. P. Parasuraman, Vice Chancellor, MIT-WPU, Dr.R. M. chitnis, provost MITWPU, Dr. Nandkumar Nikam, President, SPPU Principal Forum, Dr. Dilip Sheth, Principal S.P. College, Dr. Anjali Sane, Dy. Dean, faculty of Management (UG) were present.
Total 65 Principals, IQAC Coordinators and faculty members from colleges and institutions in and around Pune and IQAC members of MIT World peace University benefited from this workshop.