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India is a vibrant representation of the entire world. It greets you to a potpourri of Cultures, Religions, Languages, Climate and of course Food. Being the largest democracy, India offers students from across the world the freedom to explore, experience and truly educate themselves about ‘LIFE’ itself.

India is among the few countries in the world where people enjoy ‘Harmony in Diversity’. A Study abroad program for Foreign Nationals at the MIT-World Peace University offers a transformational experience through value based education which is at the forefront of Academics, Research, Technology, Social Innovation and Peace. Our International students get a feel of all that is ‘Global’ and also all that is ‘Indian’ at our Campus in Pune, India.
The MIT-WPU campus offers a cosmopolitan environment with an easy – going and friendly atmosphere conducive for learning and self-development.

Programmes Offered

Director’s Message

Dear Students & Parents,
Greetings from MIT-WPU’s International Education Centre.
It is a pleasure for me to welcome you and inform you that your choice of seeking Higher Education in India and at MIT-WPU will prove to bring a positive transformation in your life.

A large number of students come to India from countries like Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Fiji, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mauritius, Myanmar, Nepal, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Surinam, Syria, Thailand, UK, US, Vietnam and Zimbabwe etc. for their higher studies. They look at the Indian education system with trust and belief, as it is a diversified and innovative education destination for international students.
MIT-World Peace University (MIT-WPU) situated in a serene location in Pune, is surrounded by peace loving and academically oriented society, making it a safe and serene place conducive for growth, learning & exploration for all its students including the International Students.
At MIT-WPU English is a compulsory language of instruction and primary language of communication amongst Students and Faculties. This makes students from across the world comfortable and culturally easy to adjust.

Our Unique WPU-Methodology ensures that Students derive Academic Knowledge through Research, Technology, Interactive Discussions with Experts, Participation in Social & National Initiatives, Rural Immersions, and National Study Tours & International Credits. Our University is well associated with the Leading Organisations and Research Oriented Organisations offering scope for learning through theory & practice. At MIT-WPU, our curriculum emphasizes on sensitizing the young about the human dimensions of not just professional pursuits but life itself through incorporation of Peace Studies in regular curriculum.

Students of around 35 different countries have benefitted from education offered by MIT-WPU, Pune, which has a legacy of following rich Learning pedagogy since 1983 as a part of MAEER’s MIT-Group of Institutions. MAEER’s MIT, Pune is one of the pioneering Institutes in the field of Engineering Education for Indian and Foreign students and it is one of the first Institutes in the city of Pune and the State of Maharashtra which was granted with a permission to admit the foreign students under the 15% supernumerary quota by All India Council For Technical Education, New Delhi an autonomous regulator of Government of India in 2002. It has the highest number of International Students today from only 26 students in the year 2002 – 2003 to 146 students in the year 2008 – 2009 and recently about 185 students benefitting from its Higher Education Study programs.

The International Education Centre (IEC) at MIT-WPU, participates at the different international educational exhibitions held in Dubai, Nepal and Bahrain and organises visits to Schools at Global Universities to encourage learning and exchange amongst students. IEC at MIT-WPU, Pune is aligned with the national policy of developing and promoting a knowledge oriented society and global inclusiveness.
We welcome you and assure you of a wonderful and life transforming experience at the campus of MIT-World Peace University, Pune-India.

Prof. Sudhir N. Rane
Director-International Education Centre
MIT-World Peace University, Pune, India


The International Education Centre at MIT-WPU carries forward the legacy from MAEER’s MIT International Education Centre, Pune, which was established in 2003. The IEC at MIT-WPU caters to the needs of promoting the Indian Education system worldwide. IEC also facilitates the recruitment of International students to various programs.

MIT-WPU, Pune has been one of the pioneering Universities in the field of International Education. As a part of MAEER’s MIT-Group of Institutions, it was one of the first Institutes in the city of Pune and the State of Maharashtra which was granted with a permission to admit the foreign students under the 15% supernumerary quota by All India Council for Technical Education, Govt. of India in 2002.

Foreign Nationals who prefer to Choose India as their destination of choice for Higher Education, do so for a multitude of reasons Unique only to India-

    • Acceptance: The ‘City of Pune’, like India is a city where tolerance and acceptance of all type of people irrespective of culture, color, race, religion or economic background is highest. Everyone can find their fit within this cosmopolitan society.

    • Diversity in Learning: MIT-WPU is the seat of knowledge across Science, Humanities, Art, Technology, Culture, Music, Entertainment, Languages and Peace Studies, facilitating diverse learning for its students.

    • Multi-dimensional Learning- All study programmes at MIT-WPU follow a unique WPU-Method of Teaching & Learning which is Multi-dimensional in its approach.

    • Language: English is the primary official language in India as well as the language used extensively for Educational Instruction. It is also a dominant language of communication for majority of the Students.

    • Cultural fit: Every International student can feel at home as they get freedom to practice their own religion and culture at various religious places of worship across India.

    • Quality & Value: MIT-WPU presents you an opportunity to get premium Value-Based education with an opportunity to pursue your academic, non-academic or Research interests guided by a Faculty of global repute.

    • Security: The state of Maharashtra and in that the city of Pune is known to be very safe place for Student Community. MIT-WPU has welcomed foreign students for years and ensured that they get required guidance and support locally to remain safe and thrive in their personal & professional growth.

Admission procedure for International Students (FN/OCI/CIWGC and SEA)

The International Education Centre (IEC) at MIT-World Peace University helps the foreign/NRI students with the process of admission to the 15% of the total seats for students available to the foreign/NRI category in various programs.

Foreign students are eligible if they meet the eligibility requirements as prescribed by the various statutory bodies in India and if they get an ‘Equivalency Certificate’ for certain qualifications from the Association of Indian Universities, New Delhi.Once a student’s admission is confirmed, and the students arrives in the country, IEC team provides all necessary guidance to help students have a safe and comfortable stay during their study tenure.

The IEC looks after the day-to-day affairs of the foreign/NRI students. Please write to the IEC for any further details/queries at or

    • 1 :  Approach the University in person/through a friend/website.

    • 2 : Fill in the Online Application form.The form can be downloaded from the website of the university

    • 3 : Submit all necessary documents in person/through a friend/email-scanned copies. (List of documents required is available on the website)

    • 4 : Pay the requisite Form fees in Indian rupees. This may be paid in the bank account of MIT WPU University, Kothrud Pune (bank details available on the website), Acknowledgement of Receipt of documents shall be provided after 48 hrs through your registered email. In case of non-receipt please contact our office MIT-WPU IEC, Pune

    • 5 : The MIT-WPU International Education Centre will require:

    • a) Minimum 3 working days after submission of documents, for processing undergraduate admissions.

    • b) For Post-Graduate and Ph.D. Students, the Centre requires minimum 15 working days. Post-Graduate admissions will be finalised only after June every academic year.

    • If required and necessary you need to Approach AIU, New Delhi (India) for equivalence of your course. (The details are available on the website please refer to eligibility section.)

    • 6 : Intimation from University regarding Provisional Admission & Eligibility letter shall be sent by registered email or telephone.

    • 7 : For Foreign National: -Foreign Nationals will a get scanned copy of the Provisional Admission letter. On the basis of this letter the Indian Embassy/Mission in the concerned Nation will issue a Student Visa in the name of MIT-WPU, Pune India (only Student Visas are acceptable).
      If you are in India already then make the change of course at FRO or return to your Country to bring new Student VISA in the name of MIT-WPU, Pune (INDIA).

    • 8 : Please pay the one time non-refundable Admission Processing & Eligibility Fee at the MIT WPU, Pune bank account(bank details available on the website) and submit the original documents for confirmation of admission at our MIT-WPU IEC, Pune office in person only.

    • 9 : Pay Fees as per your course and collect the Final Admission letter from the MIT WPU International Education Centre office. This completes the admission process and the candidate becomes the bonafide student at MIT-WPU, Pune (INDIA)

Category for Admission

Students Eligible to apply under 15% Supernumerary seats

1. Children of Indian Workers in Gulf Countries & South East Asia: The candidates whose parents are working at Gulf countries or South East Asia are only eligible under this category.

2. Foreign Nationals: A student is eligible to apply as a Foreign National (FN) if he/she is a citizen of any country other than India and holds a foreign passport.

3. Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI):
A student is eligible to apply as OCI if he/she is granted with Overseas Citizenship of India and has an OCI card.

4. Person of Indian Origin (PIO):
As per the Government of India Notification dated 9th January 2015, all the existing ‘Persons of Indian Origin’ card holders registered as such shall be deemed to be Overseas Citizens of India card holders (OCI). Gazette Notification of Merger of PIO & OCI Cards : : .(1.40 MB)

Coming soon…

Documents required for Foreign National students admission at MITWPU, Pune:

1. 12th Grade Marksheet, Bachelor’s degree (1st, 2nd & 3rd year) Marksheets – Originals with photocopies
2. Passport (First and last page copy)
3. Visa copy
4. Updated R.P. copy
5. Change of course copy (if applicable)
6. Equivalence from AIU, New Delhi (INDIA) (address details as mentioned below)



Association of Indian Universities
AIU House, 16 Kotla Marg,
New Delhi – 110 002
Tel. No. +91 – 11 – 23230059
Fax No. +91 – 11 – 23232131
1. All original documents have to be uploaded
2. All documents need to be translated into English
3. It is mandatory that the mark sheet is attested by Ministry of Education or Indian Embassy in your country or your Country Mission, i.e. your Embassy or Consulate in India.
4. It is mandatory for all students to produce all the same documents in original at the time of Firm Admission submission, as have been uploaded at the time of filling the form.

Documents required for Children of Indians working in Gulf/South East Asiastudents admission at MITWPU, Pune

(All documents should be valid for next six months.)

a) Documents of Sponsoring Parent:

1. Passport and Visa of sponsoring parent – i) original & copy or ii) In case sponsoring parent is not accompanying the student the copy of passport & visa should be attested by Indian Embassy and original attestation submitted.
2. NRI Certificate of sponsoring parent from Indian Embassy – original
3. Work Permit – Country ID 1 copy
4. Letter of employment from employer on Company letter head – original
5. Residence Permit – Visa page copy
6. Residence (Address) Proof – original name and address in English on Electricity bill/ Water bill/Telephone bill/Bank statement/Company letter.
7. Six month Bank Statement from an NRI Account or a foreign bank on bank letterhead, with bank stamp- original
8. Sponsorship Letter from the Sponsor parent – original

b) Student’s Documents:

1. Marksheet – original + Xerox copy (no attestations or computer printouts) (In case marksheet is from a Foreign University, AIU Equivalence Certificate is mandatory)
2. School Passing Certificate – original + Xerox copy
3. Birth Certificate – original + Xerox copy
4. Student’s Passport – original + Xerox copy(if student possesses a passport)
5. Migration Certificate – original
6. Passport size photo (05 in no.)
7. Gap Certificate (If applicable)

Documents required for PIO/OCI students admission at MITWPU, Pune

(All documents should be in original + Xerox copy.)
1. Student’s Passport – original + copy
2. PIO/OCI Card – original + copy
3. Marksheet – original + copy ( no attestations or computer printout) (Incasemarksheet is from a Foreign University, AIU Equivalence
Certificate is mandatory)
4. School Passing Certificate – original + copy
5. Birth Certificate – original + copy
6. Migration – original
7. Passport size photo (05 in no.)
8. Gap Certificate (If applicable)

Basic Eligibility Criteria


1. Each program has specific eligibility criteria; you are requested to refer the respective course details on the website for detailed information.
2. The admission to the program is subject to fulfilment of the specific eligibility criteria.
3. It is the responsibility of the student to ascertain whether they possess the requisite qualifications for admission.
4. Please note that completion of the application and payment of the application fee does not mean acceptance of eligibility.
5. Provisional eligibility & Final Eligibility for admission will be decided by MIT-WPU, Pune after submission of all the required Documents.

Under Graduate Programs:

    • Prospective students must have completed 10+2 or equivalent examination from recognized Board/ University. (Percentage of marks may vary from course to course)

    • Students who have appeared for their 10+2 or equivalent examination and awaiting their final results are also eligible to apply subject to their passing before commencement of the program.

Post Graduate Programs:

    • Prospective students must have completed3 year Bachelor Degree programme in any discipline from any statutory University with minimum 50% marks at graduate level, except for the programs which require graduation with specific subjects.

    • In case of Engineering Stream the prospective students must have completed full time 4 year Bachelor Degree program from any statutory University with minimum 50% marks at graduate level.

Students who have appeared for their qualifying examinations and are awaiting results, may apply for UG or PG programmes at MIT-World Peace University. Please note that the admissions will be confirmed subject to minimum 50% marks in the qualifying examination.

Only candidates who have the requisite qualifications from foreign universities or Boards of Higher Education accredited and recognized by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU), Govt. of India, New Delhi are eligible to apply at Dr. Vishwanath Karad MIT World Peace University, Pune (INDIA)

If required, candidates will be asked to obtain the ‘Eligibility Certificate/Equivalency Certificate’ from the Equivalence branch, Association of Indian Universities (AIU), New Delhi on the given below address.

Association of Indian Universities
AIU House, 16 Kotla Marg,
New Delhi – 110 002
Tel. No. +91 – 11 – 23230059
Fax No. +91 – 11 – 23232131

Importance Instructions

General Important Instructions For All Foreign Nationals, Children of Indians working in the Gulf, S.E. Asia, PIO, OCI.

1 Please read the guidelines or the procedure of admission before filling the Online Application Form
2 Please write your correct name and surname in the application form. No changes will be made later on.
3 A valid Student Visa/Change of Course on arrival is a pre-requisite for admission. No admission will be granted on Tourist Visa / X-Visa / Medical Visa.
4 All documents need to be translated into English.
5 Visit International Centre with all uploaded original documents, New Visa/Change of Course after you receive the Provisional Letter of Admission and Eligibility.
6 In case of foreign national it is mandatory that the marksheet is attested by Ministry of Education or Indian Embassy in your country or your Country Mission i.e. your Embassy or Consulate in India.
7 It is mandatory for all students to produce the same documents in original at the time of Firm Admission submission, as have been uploaded at the time of filling the form.
8 Only Students having passed 12th Std. are eligible for Bachelors Admission.
9 Only students having Bachelor Degree are eligible for Masters Admission.
10 In case the documents are found to be fake at the time of submission, the case will be rejected and legal action will be taken under Indian Laws.
11 All Foreign Nationals, Children of Indians Working in Gulf & South East Asia and PIO/OCI are requested to obtain detailed information on fees, for courses available at the University Departments/affiliated Colleges/Institutes before confirming the admission, from the respective Departments/ Colleges/Institutes.
12 College seat will be allotted on first come first serve basis. It is mandatory for the student to accept the same.
13 Once the seat (branch) is allotted, no changes will be allowed under any circumstances.
14 In any circumstances, fees, once paid at the International Centre, are not refundable.
15 All foreign students from Non-English speaking countries have to produce English Proficiency Test Certificate.
16 All the Foreign Nationals, Children of Indians Working in Gulf & South East Asia and PIO/OCI must undergo their Medical Check-Up as per instructions.
17 Students will not work with any Institute/Firm during the period of study. In case they are approached, they will have to inform FRO.
18 No Indian can apply on behalf of an International student.(Agents will not be entertained)
19 Students having any discrepancy should clear it on time in order to get their Final Eligibility Letter.
20 It is the responsibility of the student to report to FRO within fourteen days of arrival and as and when necessary.
21 MIT WPUis not responsible for the lectures, internal assessments etc. that the student misses due to late admission, or for any other reason.

Contact Us


Prof.Sudhir N. Rane,
MIT WPU International Education Centre
MIT Campus, Paud Rd,
Kothrud Pune – 411038 Maharashtra, India



For Admission & Enquiry:

Telephone: +0091-20-30273674/25420752 (Dir)


IEC Administration

MIT-WPU International Education Centre is a SINGLE WINDOW FACILITATOR for the International Students. We are a regulating body for International Admissions in the University and provide assistance for admissions to NRI/OCI/CIWGC and Foreign students in various courses run by the University. Hostel accommodation, academic and social counselling etc. is provided by International Education Centre as per the need and requirements of the students.

Mrs. Pallavi S. Bankar

Student Activity & Co-ordinator

Prof.Sudhir N. Rane

Director – B.E. (Civil) M.M.S. (Marketing) M.M.S. (Materials)
MIT-WPU International Education Centre

Mr. Ajit K. Bidkar

Administration & Liaison Executive