Department of International Collaborations

Intended Learning Outcomes


Effective Learning

Learning is more effective when it comes through experiences. Acquiring new knowledge, behavioural patterns, skills, values and using the knowledge 7 acquired to gain an understanding of programs, policies, services and procedures that impact societal systems.


Respect for Culture

Students travelling to different places were exposed to ideas, customs and social behaviour of different societies. Making use of different currency, following the rules of that land and others. These activities made students involved in culturally different situations, and dealt with them appropriately.


Enhances Perspective

Immersion Program helps in better understanding of issues related to socioeconomic factors, poverty, substance abuse, interpersonal relationships, community violence, social injustice, mental health problems etc. It helps in gaining access to appropriate resources to deal with such issues.


Develop Critical Thinking

Several studies suggest that educational tours stimulate student’s reasoning skills. Students were assigned to develop a social business enterprise which will be beneficial from societal context such as improving the lifestyle and raising standard of living etc.


Personal Development

The Global Immersion Programme offers the perfect formal and informal setup for discussion, dialogues and experiences which helps in developing various life-skills, such as team building, time management and others, to focus on self-awareness in a personal as well as a professional context, to accept the importance of differences and diversity and to be sensitive to every individual, irrespective of the difference in opinions.


Deepen Social and Historical Knowledge

The Global Immersion Programme exposes students to different lifestyles, places, people and eras. When on an educational tour students broaden their understanding of every aspect of the place and its people. Students gain first hand experiences which allow teachers to inflate the topic which is not possible during the normal class. Students visited the various places and understood about culture and history during the visit


Effective Communication

The Global Immersion Programme helps to develop communication skills to effectively participate in societal aspects and contribute for the betterment of individuals. Few other benefits are to focus on all kinds of practice skills related to the destination for the field trip. With an understanding of these educational tour objectives and learning outcomes, it becomes easier for students to focus on learning experiences in study tours. It allows them to have an understanding about the importance of global exposure and their benefits.