International Collaborations



At MIT-WPU, we believe that enabling students and staff to seek and explore new experiences on a global scale will expose them to different ways of thinking and empower them to become global citizens. It is the responsibility of the International Collaborations team to work across the university to make this happen – through facilitating the global mobility of students and staff.

MIT-WPU has always been committed to provide unique platforms and opportunities to its students at every stage of student life through its various educational programs. One such unique platform and opportunity is the International Immersion program for students.

The International Collaboration Department of MIT-World Peace University (MIT-WPU) forges partnerships with outstanding academic and other institutions across the globe to expand the student experience and aims to provide high quality international educational experience to students through its International Immersion programs. Exposure in top international universities is a aspiration for many Indian students, but financial constraints and other factors can sometimes be a hindrance to such aspirations.

The International Immersion Programme of MIT World Peace University provides an opportunity to its students to fulfil their aspirations. The learning and global exposure gained can be a life transforming experience to expand your horizon.

The International Immersion Program is an investment which shall yield sustainable returns in the professional journey and will remain with students for their life time.
Till – March 2020 , the International Collaborations dept has provided opportunity to about 1000 + students who have gained enriching international experiences with various reputed International Universities and there are another 1400 + students who are scheduled and eagerly awaiting to imbibe this exposure in the current year

The unique experiences, learnings and feedback from our students and parents about their international immersion program experience lend immense credibility to the value that we envisioned our students will derive in becoming exceedingly better versions of themselves. This transformational value is extended to include other key proposed University Initiatives at MIT-WPU such as those mentioned hereunder-

  • Faculty Capacity Enhancement Program ( FCEP )

  • Student internships

  • Faculty exchanges

  • Joint Research projects

  • Degree Twinning


Initiatives under International Collaboration Department at MIT-WPU have a singular purpose of enriching students learning and make them employable in a global context, where technology advancements are shrinking boundaries created by time, distance and culture. MIT-WPU endeavours to make its presence felt globally through internationalization of its programs and opening new avenues of association for global student community.

Objectives of International Collaboration

  • To get practical exposure with excellent educational and cultural exchanges
  • To create future opportunities for student’s growth and supportive relationships in an international destination.
  • To support our commitment to helping our students to connect and create relationships across cultures, both locally and globally.
  • To enhance experimental learning process.
International Immersion Program FOM UG – BBA and BBA IB Academic Year 2017-20 (Golden Batch) – Nanyang Technological University – NTU

International Immersion Program

MIT-WPU believes that the call of the hour is for global citizens who can think for the betterment of all mankind. Consequently the International Immersion Program for students has been created so as to expose our students to expand their experience to cover various cultures, their approaches towards resolution of problems as well as to understand the commonality shared by us all. The student immersion program is intrinsic to the development of our students and we take the utmost care in ensuring the optimization of their learning experience while they are abroad.

MIT-WPU has tied up with various universities in Asia, America and Europe such as the esteemed Nanyang University in Singapore, the University of Massachusetts and the University of Leicester to name but a few. Our students get a chance to visit these universities and study there while the students from these universities have a chance to visit us in India and imbibe our ethos and cultural values just as we are afforded that opportunity with them. In this way, we aid in the development of truly international mind-sets who are committed to global peace and prosperity. Below is the list of a few of our outbound summer schools as well as a partial list of inbound students from other universities as well.

Faculty Exchange Program

With the advent of globalization, MIT-WPU recognises that the world is fast becoming a global village and as such we must inculcate an ethos which makes us think like global citizens and that includes our faculty. Since they are responsible for moulding the minds of thousands of students, it is imperative that they must imbibe an international mind-set themselves, and so MIT-WPU has faculty exchange programs to ensure that our faculty understand the necessity of globalization and an all-inclusive mentality.

Faculty Exchange Program

Dr. Ravikumar Chitnis

Pro Vice Chancellor
International Collaborations

Message from Pro Vice Chancellor

Dear Students & Parents,

It gives me immense pleasure to play an instrumental role in imparting an enriching experience and international academic exposure to 1000+ students till date, as on March 2020. Our dedicated team from ‘Department of International Collaborations’ strives hard to forge meaningful ties and collaborative curriculum design with International Universities of highest repute. The coming Academic Year 2020-21 will witness another 1400 + students across multi-disciplinary streams at MIT-WPU taking advantage of ‘International Immersion Program’.

The International Collaborations Brochure as can be accessed on the website, presents a preview to the variety of Interactions and Study engagements our team of faculty so painstakingly planned for all students of MIT-WPU, who completed International Summer Schools as part of the International Immersion program at MIT-WPU.
A whole lot of work and effort goes into planning, negotiation, discussions and curriculum design to ensure that we pack the best-of-the-best learning experiences in the ‘International Immersion program’.

I hope this International Collaborations website proves to be an insightful resource reflecting the very purpose of these ‘International Immersion Programs’ and the visuals showcase the academic enrichment and the unique experiences derived by our students through cross-cultural interactions, academic sessions and networking with foreign faculties and students alike.

At, MIT-WPU International Collaborations Department, our goal is to extend the learning canvas beyond classroom to newer pastures. We strive to equip the students with the knowledge, tools, techniques and experiences that help them tap unrealised potential within themselves and get a sense of reaching for world’s best opportunities that exist beyond the visible boundaries. I invite you to explore this ‘Journey of Life Transformation’.