The IACC Team is a large pool of cross disciplinary Faculty Members working to closely engage with Industry on various identified areas. As this initiative progresses we are open to suggestions from industry on expanding this list of proposed Collaboration Areas, and will work closely with Each of our Partners to Ensure that every MOU signed is a living and binding agreement , rather than a mere document signed .

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Partnership Areas

Student Centric



Industry Centric




Message from the IACC Team

With our newly acquired status as MIT World Peace University, the Industry Academia Collaboration Committee (IACC) is committed to ensuring that students at MIT WPU have access to the best Industry Experts and get a chance to expose themselves to Live Projects, Internships, and Insights into Industry and Work Culture at some of India’s finest Companies.

Industry needs the best talent to stay afloat and thrive in today’s fast and ever changing world, and we see a long term partnership that can provide a serious win –win for both Industry and students at MIT-WPU.

At MIT-WPU, we believe that for India to be at the forefront of Cutting Edge Technology and Research that feeds into a World Beating and Market Defining Economy truly and sincerely requiresa very well evolved and genuine Industry- Academia interface at the foundation to enable this.

We are committed to ensuring that Industry Engagements with us are a pleasant experience, and excited to work with you.
We sincerely hope you will also share our excitement and enthusiasm and join us in redefining how Industry and Academia can come together to set new benchmarks for a better tomorrow for India and all of us!

Industry Partners

The Companies listed below are part of a quickly growing list of our most trusted Industry Partners, we are proud to have their support in ensuring that MIT-WPU sets the highest benchmarks in turning out students that have been exposed to the best curriculum and received sufficient inputs from Industry to make them winners.

List of MOUs

 Industry Partners Details of the Collaboration MOU Scope
 TCS  All Areas of Student / Faculty   Development  MIT-WPU
 Jampot Photonics Ltd.  Internships /Placement/ Guest   Lectures/ Curriculum Inputs  E&TC
 Parikhsa  Internships/ Training  MIT-WPU
 Knoesis Pvt. Ltd.  Internships /Placement/ Guest   Lectures/ Curriculum Inputs  POLYMER
 V-Plast  Internships /Placement/ Guest   Lectures/ Curriculum Inputs  POLYMER
 Persistent Systems  All Areas of Student / Faculty   Development  MIT-WPU
 Oriental Rubbers  Internships /Placement/ Guest   Lectures/ Curriculum Inputs  POLYMER
 IBM  Internships /Placement/ Guest   Lectures/ Curriculum Inputs  COMP
 AIPMA  Internships /Placement/ Guest   Lectures/ Curriculum Inputs  POLYMER
 IPUA  Internships /Placement/ Guest   Lectures/ Curriculum Inputs  POLYMER
 Electronica Plastic Machines  Internships /Placement/ Guest   Lectures/ Curriculum Inputs  POLYMER
 Wolters- Kluwer  All Areas of Student / Faculty   Development  MANAGEMENT (MITSOM)
 Agiliad Technologies  Internships /Placement/ Guest   Lectures/ Curriculum Inputs  E&TC
 Tata Elxsi  Internships /Placement/ Guest   Lectures/ Curriculum Inputs  E&TC
 RelyonSolar Pvt. Ltd.  Internships /Placement/ Guest   Lectures/ Curriculum Inputs  E&TC
 Exadatum  Internships /Placement/ Guest   Lectures/ Curriculum Inputs  COMPUTER
 Bitwise  Internships /Placement/ Guest   Lectures/ Curriculum Inputs  COMPUTER
 Soft Corner  Internships /Placement/ Guest   Lectures/ Curriculum Inputs  COMPUTER
 Exxat Systems Pvt. Ltd.  Internships /Placement/ Guest   Lectures/ Curriculum Inputs  COMPUTER
 Pratisaad  Internships /Placement/ Guest   Lectures/ Curriculum Inputs  MANAGEMENT
 Indian Plastics Institute  Internships /Placement/ Guest   Lectures/ Curriculum Inputs  POLYMER
 Hexanika Technologies  Internships /Placement/ Guest   Lectures/ Curriculum Inputs  LIBERAL ARTS
 Sigma OSS Ltd.  Internships /Placement/ Guest   Lectures/ Curriculum Inputs  COMP
 Aespes Nirmiti  Mercedez Benz   Ltd.  Internships /Placement/ Guest   Lectures/ Curriculum Inputs  MANAGEMENT
 Mercedez Benz Ltd.  Internships /Placement/ Guest   Lectures/ Curriculum Inputs  MECHANICAL
  Woxi Ltd.  Internships /Placement/ Guest   Lectures/ Curriculum Inputs  COMP
  Vritti Solutions  Internships /Placement/ Guest   Lectures/ Curriculum Inputs  LIBERAL ARTS
 Opulent Technologies  Entrepreneurship / Internships / Live   Projects  MIT-WPU
 Internshala  Internships  MIT-WPU
 SKF  Internships/Live Projects / Research  MECHANICAL
 Kranti Enterprises  Internships/Live Projects / Research  MECHANICAL
 Akses RCBD  Internships/Live Projects / Research  CIVIL
 E-Zest  Internships/Live Projects / Research  E&TC
 Thermax  Internships/Live Projects / Research  MECHANICAL
 Eco Recycling Ltd.  Internships/ Live Projects / Research / Training  LIBERAL ARTS
 Intelliment  Internships/Research /Placements  MANAGEMENT
 Entrepreneur’s Castle  Curriculum /Internships/ Guest   Lectures / Placements  MANAGEMENT
 Yugstart Technologies  Curriculum /Internships/ Guest   Lectures / Placements  LIBERAL ARTS
 Algo Analytics  Curriculum /Internships/ Guest   Lectures / Placements  LIBERAL ARTS
 Shalaka Connected Devices LLP  Curriculum /Internships/ Guest   Lectures / Placements  COMPUTER
 Devise Electonics  Curriculum /Internships/ Guest   Lectures / Placements  E&TC
 Ajanta Pharma  Curriculum /Internships/ Guest Lecturs / Placements  PHARMACY
 Healis Sekhsaria Foundation R&D/ Curriculum Development/ Projects  PHARMACY
 Rudra / Keshavsita Foundation  Joint Project  POLYMER
 Western Union  Curriculum /Internships/ Guest Lecturs / Placements  MANAGEMENT
 Everest Industries  Projects/Internships/ Industry Visits /Placements  CIVIL
 Hilti India Pvt. Ltd  Curriculum /Internships/ Guest Lecturs / Placements  ENGINEERING
 KPIT  Curriculum /Internships/ Guest Lecturs / Placements  ENGINEERING
 Kakde Lasers Ltd.  Curriculum /Internships/ Guest Lecturs / Placements MECHANICAL
 Arsan Technologies  Curriculum /Internships/ Guest Lecturs / Placements  MECHANICAL
 Hudas Technologies
 Workshops/ Guest Lectures / Placements  Faculty of Science
 Edutech Learning
Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
 Magnum Opus
 Internship/placements/inputs to curriculum Faculty of Science
 Hilti India Pvt. Ltd
 Izealiant Technologies
 Curriculum /Internships/ Guest Lecturs / Placements  COMP
 Brainstorm Internship/placements/Guest Lectures / inputs to curriculum  Faculty of Science
 SVS Aqua Technologies, Pune
Internships /Projects/Guest Lecture/ Curriculum Inputs/Industry Visit  CHEMICAL


 MIST Resonance Engineering Pvt. Ltd., Pune Internships /Projects/Guest Lecture/ Curriculum Inputs  CHEMICAL
 Hydrocons Systems Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai Guest Lecture/ Curriculum Inputs  CHEMICAL
 Allied Digital
Internships/Guest Lecture/ Curriculum Inputs/Industry Visit  MIT-WPU
 Tata Technologies Ltd.
 Techno Samarthyam  ENGINEERING

Centers of Excellence

MIT-WPU already has the following Centers of Excellence established on its Campus and we invite Companies to set up more such centers as a way of actively engaging our students in exciting work that will bring them to a better understanding of some of the key problems and industry trends that are close to the heart of your Company and that you believe will define how you create or maintain a leadership going forward in today’s fast changing world.

NVIDIA CUDA Parallel Computing

IBM Center of Excellence

MIT Amdocs Innovation Lab

TTL Advance Manufacturing Lab