Idea of Peace

Rev. Prof. Dr. Vishwanath D. Karad
Founder & President MIT-World Peace University


You are fully aware that the entire world is passing through a tense and chaotic stage, even worse than what was experienced during the two world wars. The present one is also a war, war between good and evil, sacrifice and greed, virtues and vices, tolerance and stubbornness, religious co-existence and fundamentalism, traditional time-tested values and quick gains and ego, and so on. The various issues involved are not only local i.e. restricted to one’s own country, but are global as well.

The world is witnessing mind-boggling scientific and industrial developments like artificial intelligence, internet, IT, digital technology, robotics, journey to the outer space and what not on the one hand and on the other, unfortunately, there is total chaos, confusion, suspicion, terrorism, bloodshed, violence and

massacre in the name of caste, creed, race, religion and trifle issues like boundaries of nations. The family system, which is vital for the survival of mankind, is also on the rocks.

The industrialized and technologically advanced society should have helped in preserving the human values apart from providing the materialistic gains and achieve sustainable development. Even though the present scientific innovations and technological advancements have converted this world of ours into a global village on the face of it, but the hearts and minds have drifted far apart with deep valleys and barriers being created between man and man, one nation and the other, one religion and the other, and between different races, castes and communities.

Friends, it is again because of the erosion of the time-tested ethical and moral human value system, we have forgotten our ethos, culture and traditions. The human spirit and approach is missing. The most unfortunate part of it is that this is taking place with a highly developed education system carefully devised by the great thinkers, philosophers, academicians, scholars and scientists.

Friends, on this background, it is high time that the learned Scholars, Thinkers, Academicians, Philosophers, Scientists, Men of Religion / Spirituality should come together to evolve a VALUE BASED UNIVERSAL EDUCATION SYSTEM with an appropriate component of Science and Religion / Spirituality to establish and develop a HOLISTIC PEACE-LOVING HARMONIOUS GLOBAL SOCIETY.

Looking at the prevailing disturbing scenario all over the world, it is imperative that we carry out introspection, search where we have gone wrong and decide about the measures, that can help in setting the things right. It requires sincere efforts and firm action by all the right-thinking knowledgeable people without any further loss of time. Any further delay will make the process irreversible and whatever rot has set in, will get perpetuated.