BFA (Applied Arts)


BFA (Applied Arts)



BFA Applied Art program imbibes student with necessary skills and knowledge that help them to be a successful professional. A carefully designed syllabus with specialization electives like Typography, Illustration, UI / UX Design, Photography allows students to pursues their passion as a profession. Along with academics students attend various art exhibitions, museums, galleries and interact with professionals. Guest lectures, industrial visits, rural immersion programs widens their approach to make them a responsible individual.


  • MIT-WPU School of Fine Arts aspires to develop leaders in the field of Visual Arts and Design who will contribute to the society with innovation and creativity along with promoting peace and progress in the world.


  • To develop leadership with art and visual design expressions and solutions
  • To promote research in art and visual design to bring in innovation and creativity
  • To promote peace, progress and sustainable & ethical solutions through visual art and design

Dr. Ravikumar Chitnis

Pro Vice Chancellor
MIT World Peace University
School of Liberal Arts, Media & Journalism, Fine Arts | School of Commerce | School of Education | International Collaborations | Chairman, Faculty of Management (UG Programs) | National Convener, National Teachers Congress

Message from Pro Vice Chancellor

Welcome to MIT World Peace University, School of Fine Arts!

Applied Arts or Commercial Arts is a very challenging and creative program. Those, who are really having a flair for drawing or sketching, aim to pursue this career.
The program which we are offering, BFA (Applied Arts) has a unique blend of practical and classroom learning. The program provides flexibility and variety that suit the interests and needs of the students. The co-curricular and extra-curricular activities will shape the ideas and provide the right direction to the creativity of the students.

Prof. Dr. Anuradha Parasar

Prof. Dr. Anuradha Parasar

Faculty of Liberal Arts | Performing Arts
Faculty of Fine Arts | Media & Journalism
Faculty of Law

Message from Dean

Learning is an enriching experience for life transformation at MIT-WPU Faculty of Liberal Arts, Fine Arts, Media, and Journalism.

The Faculty of Liberal Arts, Fine Arts, Media & Journalism at MIT World Peace University (MIT-WPU) is focused at fulfilling its goal of helping learners gain both, practical knowledge along with applied skills, for making the difference, by fulfilling personal as well as professional growth of its learners and to ensure its students persevere progressive career advancement as an active professional and leader in career and life. The Faculty of Liberal Arts, Fine Arts, Media, and Journalism comprises of School of Liberal Arts, School of Fine Arts and School of Media and Journalism.

Shruti Nigudkar

Dr. Shruti Nigudkar

Head of School, School of Fine Arts

Message from Head of School

School of Fine Arts is housed within the hi-tech campus of MIT World Peace University, Kothrud. It benefits from its location, being in the heart of the Pune City, Maharashtra, India.
The School offers many coveted programs; BFA (Applied Arts) and MFA (Applied Arts), Ph.D. (Visual Arts) that cater to a multi-faceted and interdisciplinary field of visual art and design practice. The school aspires to prepare students to be versatile visual communicators; conceptual thinkers; and responsible cultural individuals.
Here at the School, we look forwards to building an enriched learning environment by promoting studio culture that imbibes individual participation, thought explorations, visual literacy, media awareness, experiential learning and innovative teaching pedagogies.