Dr. Samidha Anand Jawade
Assistant Professor
Dr. Samidha Anand Jawade


Dr. Samidha Jawade is an accomplished mechanical engineer and researcher with a specialization in Additive Manufacturing. She has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and several years of experience in the fields of Material Science, Additive Manufacturing, and Engineering Metallurgy. Dr. Jawade currently serves as an Assistant Professor at MIT-WPU, where she is responsible for teaching and mentoring students in mechanical engineering and related disciplines. As a researcher, she has published several research papers and has been actively involved in various projects exploring the use of additive manufacturing technologies to produce novel materials and structures with unique properties. Dr. Jawade is passionate about advancing the field of mechanical engineering and material science through research, teaching, and industry collaborations.

Research Areas

Material Science, Additive manufacturing, Engineering Metallurgy


1.SA Jawade, RS Joshi, SB Desai, "Comparative study of mechanical properties of additively manufactured aluminum alloy"- Materials Today: Proceedings, 2021
2.S Jawade, G Kakandikar,"Relationship modelling for surface finish for laser-based additive manufacturing"- Journal of Electrochemical Science and Engineering, 2023
3.V Kohale, S Jawade, G Kakandikar,"Investigation on mechanical behaviour of inconel 718 manufactured through additive manufacturing" - International Journal on Interactive Design and Manufacturing"

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