Dr. Amit Vishnu Jomde
Assistant Professor
Dr. Amit Vishnu Jomde


Dr. Amit V. Jomde is an accomplished Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Dr. V. D. Karad MIT World Peace University in Pune. He holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the prestigious Sathyabama Institute of Science & Technology, which he completed in 2019. With 13 years of extensive experience in teaching, research, and administration, he has an impressive portfolio of achievements.

Dr. Jomde is a prolific author with 17 publications in International Journals (SCI, Scopus Indexed) and conferences. He is also a highly respected member of the Reviewer committee for 6+ International Journals (SCI, Scopus Indexed), including the International Journal of Refrigeration Elsevier and Applied Thermal Engineering Elsevier. He holds three Patent Grants registered in Mechanical Engineering.

Dr. Jomde has chaired sessions at numerous International and National Conferences and has received a grant of Rs. 1.4 Lakh from Pune University for his 'Experimental Analysis of Linear Compressor for Refrigeration Applications' project. He has also worked on several high-impact research projects, including the 'Design, Development and Testing of Linear Compressor for Refrigeration Applications to improve system performance and part-load efficiency of Household Refrigerators' funded (22.56 Lakh) by DST, Govt. of India during 2013-16 and the 'Valve-less linear compressor driven Stirling cycle Cryocooler for space applications' funded (22.1 Lakh) by ISRO-UoP cell under the supervision of Dr. Virendra K. Bhojwani.

Dr. Jomde has received many honors and accolades throughout his career, including the 'Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam MIT-WPU Research and Innovation Promising Prize 2019,' chosen by the MITWPU Institution's Innovation Council (MHRD Initiative). He is also a professional member of various societies, including Life Member of ISTE, IET, and SAE, and has worked as a Member of BoS, School of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering at MIT World Peace University.

Research Areas

Thermal Engineering, Refrigeration & AC, Fuel Cell


1. Amit Jomde, Anderson A., Virendra Bhojwani, Shreyans Kedia, Nitish Jangale, Kshitij Kolas, Pravin Khedkar, “Modelling and measurement of a moving coil oil-free linear compressor performance for refrigeration application using R134a”, International Journal of Refrigeration (88) 182-194, Elsevier, 2018 (WoS-SCI, Scopus)

2. Shweta Badhan, Aditya Bhat, Amit Jomde & Mandar Lele (2022): Experimental parametric analysis of vapour condenser for vacuum drying application, International Journal of Ambient Energy, Taylor & Francis. DOI: 10.1080/01430750.2022.2063178

3. Amit Jomde, Virendra Bhojwani, Suhas Deshmukh, “Challenges in implementation of a moving coil linear compressor in a household refrigerator”, International Journal of Ambient Energy, Taylor & Francis, 2019 (WoS- ESCI, Scopus). 10.1080/01430750.2019.1653972.

4. Amit Jomde, A. Anderson, Virendra Bhojwani, Mitali Deshmukh, “Performance predictions and parametric analysis of valved linear compressor using mathematical model”, International Journal of Ambient Energy, Taylor & Francis, (39), 456-461, 2017 (WoS- ESCI, Scopus)

5. Suneeta Phadkule, Sohel Inamdar, Asif Inamdar, Amit Jomde & Virendra

Bhojwani, “Resonance analysis of opposed piston linear compressor for refrigerator application”, International Journal of Ambient Energy, Taylor & Francis, (40), 775-782, 2018 (WoS- ESCI, Scopus)

6. N. Dharmakkan, P.M. Srinivasan, S. Muthusamy, A. Jomde, S. Shamkuwar, C. Sonawane, K. Sharma, A.J. Alrubaie, A.S. El Shafay, H. Panchal, A case study on analyzing the performance of microplate heat exchanger using nanofluids at different flow rates and temperatures, Case Studies in Thermal Engineering (2023), doi:"

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Research Grants

1. Rs. 1.4 Lakh from Pune University for the 'Experimental Analysis of Linear Compressor for Refrigeration Applications'

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