Faculty of Education & Training Library

The Library at Faculty of Education and Training was established in 2007 and has a collection of more than 6500 books for Educational Philosophy, Sociology, Educational Psychology, Educational Management, Educational Evaluation and History & Policies of Education. It subscribes to over 15 National and International journals/magazines apart from Books on Advanced Statistics for Post graduate studies.

The books at this Library are specially procured to support the Students Learning, as they will be future Teachers and Academicians. The reading material covers Method (school subjects) based learning, Teaching Methodologies, Curriculum Studies, Guidance & Counselling, Research Methodology and various books related to pre-school teacher training.

The Library provides full information regarding books issued / returned / journals / etc. and provides Internet Access for enabling Student Learning.

  Library Facilities

  • A special feature of the library is that it is open access facility to all students wherein they can access book shelves directly as a result of which all the users are aware of the library collection.
  • Internet facility is available to all students and faculty.
  • Book Bank facility enables students to receive a set of books related to their semester courses to retain for entire semester.
  • Photocopy facility is available in library for all users.
  • Important news articles of newspaper are clipped and recorded in newspaper clipping file related to education and ICT.
  • User education: Library rules and fine policy are displayed at the notice board. Apart from this orientation program is organized for using the library facilities systematically.
  • Library has seating arrangement for more than 50 students.

  Library General Rules

The regulations are intended to enable the best use and fairest distribution of the library resources.

  • All the students of the university are eligible to become member of the library.
  • Students should submit their I Card for reference books.
  • Students should take care of their card to avoid misuse.
  • A fine of Rs.10/- will be charged for issuance of duplicate card.
  • The readers should check the book thoroughly for missing pages chapter’s pictures etc. while borrowing the book.
  • A fine of Rs.10/- will be charged per day for late return of the book, material.
  • In case of loss of book resources readers shall be requested to replace it or pay the cost of the resources.
  • Thesis dissertations CDs etc. are not lent out of the library.
  • Student should enter the book details in the library register before referencing.

Students pursuing higher education can apply in prescribed Performa and become a casual member after the approval of the principal by paying the prescribed fee.

  • For 1 Day Rs.25/-
  • For 3 Days Rs.60/-
  • For Annual membership pay in advance library fees Rs.1000/- and Library Deposit Rs.500/-
  • Thesis and Dissertation can be referred for Rs.50/- per day.

  Library Updates-

Library takes initiatives to enrich the resources with latest Books & Reference Material. Validity and requirement is verified from subject teachers before purchasing new books. Library Staff provides latest catalogues of books and periodicals to the faculty members. Staff and Students can suggest the books as per their requirements to the Librarian. Suggestions for requirement of books are noted by librarian and necessary steps are taken to ensure availability of the same. Information regarding the new arrivals in the library is displayed on the notice board.

  Library Staff

  • Mrs.Gauri Kasabe

Working Hours

Open: Monday to Saturday.
Reading Room: 10.00 am To 5.30 pm
Issue – Return: 10.30am To 5.00pm
Close: Sundays and Holidays.


Title Collections: 1527


Total Books :  6500+

Technical journals

Journals/Periodicals: 24

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