Sep 20, 2022

Innovation drives growth and helps address social challenges. Innovation mitigates climate change, advances sustainable development, and promotes social cohesionInnovation is important to the advancement of society as it solves these kinds of social problems and enhances society’s capacity to act. It is responsible for resolving collective problems in a sustainable and efficient way, usually with new technology. These new technologies, products and services simultaneously meet a social need and lead to improved capabilities and better use of assets and resources. These challenges require innovative ways of applying new technology along with new forms of organization, new network processes to build human and social capital, and new grassroots-based solutions.

MITWPU RIDE22 systematically fosters the culture and Importance of Innovation amongst all sectors. The primary goal is to discuss, encourage, motivate, and nurture Innovations and talent across the globe.

Aims and Objectives:

  • Help Students to Create Breakthrough Innovations / Futuristic Directions
  • Developing Innovation Teams to Work on Impactful Projects
  • Connecting Academia-Business Ideas with New Technologies for Bigger Impact
  • Mentoring Innovation Projects for Mind to Market Success


  • To Develop Start-ups/ Technopreneurs / Innopreneurs
  • To Provide Most Rewarding Careers to Students


  • To understand the best innovations that address deep human, society needs by listening different perspectives of different leaders/entrepreneurs
  • To understand different technology trends, sustainable development and issues associated with it
  • To generate innovative and creative ideas to solve the societal and industry problems
  • To assimilate leadership and entrepreneurship skills through the young leader’s inspirations


  • At the end of the MITWPU RIDE, students will be able to
  • Develop different creative ideas through structured brainstorming sessions
  • Explore sustaining innovations and the issues associated with such innovations within organizations
  • Design creative strategies for pursuing, exploiting and further developing new opportunities.
  • Convert ideas into business plans, marketable products, design pitch decks and raise funds from Investors.


  • Creativity & Imagination: For developing Imagination, creativity, and innovative mindsets, which are presently completely missing from the education system.
  • Innovation Capability & Skill Building: For developing conceptual age innovation skills and capabilities in an effortless manner.
  • Industry-Academia Projects and Reducing Gaps: For working closely with industry on innovation projects and reducing gaps.
  • Entrepreneurs / Start-ups: For developing next generation entrepreneurs, breakthrough innovations and start-ups.
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