Aug 28, 2023
A New Wave of Empowerment: MIT-WPU launches Connect FM-Community Radio
A New Wave of Empowerment: MIT-WPU launches Connect FM-Community Radio

On the 28th of August 2023, MIT-WPU marked a highly anticipated milestone with the inauguration of its Connect FM Community Radio. The distinguished event was inaugurated by Shri. Rahul Karad the Executive President of MIT-WPU, in the august presence of Shri Shriniwas Patil, Hon’ble Member of the Lok Sabha. The momentous occasion marked the initiation of MIT-WPU CR's inaugural test transmission, which was broadcasted live and featured a live interview with the Hon’ble Executive President himself.

Connect FM will be run by the MIT-WPU community, particularly the students and staff of department of Media and Communication and will also serve as a socially conscious initiative for students and young people at large, providing them with key inputs and relevant programming, which reflect the values and principles, as well as uphold the peace ideals of MIT-WPU. Connect FM will also bring together the larger student community cutting across the various departments to produce mass educational content to uplift and enlighten the community inside and outside the university. Housed within the Student Service Wing (SSW), MIT-WPU CR boasts a state-of-the-art acoustic studio designed for recording and live programming.

This comprehensive facility includes a recording studio equipped with talkback capabilities, a transmission booth for precise control, and an editing section dedicated to post-production refinement. MIT-WPU CR's range of programming extends beyond Marathi and English, encompassing languages such as Malayalam, Tamil, Bengali, and Hindi. The radio's mission encompasses the cultivation of an effective, dynamic, and sustainable community while providing support for advancements in health, education, environment, agriculture, rural development, and other pivotal domains.

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