MIT-WPU Faculty of Engineering & Technology carries forward the legacy of 4 decades inherited from MIT Pune to create ‘future ready’ engineers who excel in the technological spectrum. With an emphasis on practical application of theoretical knowledge, MIT-WPU has one of the best placement records in India. Concurrent with our aim to achieve practical excellence, MIT-WPU is the first university to offer ‘Peace Curriculum’ for the spiritual and moral enhancement of the students. MIT-WPU firmly believes in technological advancement through peace studies. MIT-WPU has state of the art infrastructure along with numerous Ph.D. programs so as to make MIT-WPU a foremost centre for research and the development of new technologies to solve larger world issues like the environment, food shortages and energy deficiency.

Prof. Prasad Khandekar

Prof. Dr. Prasad D. Khandekar

Faculty of Engineering & Technology


Dear Students and Parents,

Having won accolades nationally, evident from our NIRF and TIMES Rankings, we are striving hard to be recognized at the international level as well. In this endeavor, ‘Industry-Readiness at The Global Level” and “Research & Innovation” are our key focus areas.

There is a huge demand for an industry-ready manpower that is conversant with the latest technologies adopted by the industry. Therefore, it is necessary, as academicians, that we contribute to the growth of our nation by grooming professionals, who are conversant with the current advances and practices in the industry.