MIT-WPU School of Electrical Engineering

School of Electrical Engineering at MIT-World Peace University has excellent technical infrastructure, faculty, and academic ambience. One of our important objectives is to nurture the students to make them Industry ready by exposing them to the state-of-the-art technologies along with strong foundations of science and engineering. To accomplish the same, strong interface with Industry and research organizations such as Texas Instruments, Nvidia, IBM, KPIT, ATMEL, INTEL, Tata Elxsi, Agiliad, Jampot Photonics, Relyon Solar, ICTP, DRDO, CDAC, and many others is developed. The school has envisioned excellent placements and entrepreneurship opportunities for its students. Student centric approach of the school encourages the pupils to participate in IEEE Student Branch, IETE Forum, clubs such as MERC, MARS, MASS. Currently, the School offers Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) in Electrical Engineering program with intake of 60 students per annum.


To be recognized as a leader in Electrical Engineering education with a strong emphasis on social and professional values.


To produce quality Electrical Engineering graduates by providing them education with applied approach, cultivating the research skills, and imbibing social and professional values through creative learning environment.

Our Programme

B.Tech Electrical Engineering

In the present era of innovation, more than ever before opportunities and challenges have emerged for advancement in the field of electrical and power engineering. The market requirements, including those of customers and regulators have changed along with development in ICT and Smart Grid Technologies. Due to automation, nowadays there is a need of connected devices that can be controlled and reconfigured remotely.

Student Corner

Technological Events

At MIT-WPU to ensure the holistic development of the students we encourage them to undertake many technological events in order for them to develop real time skills and gain valuable practical experience while they learn to implement and execute their theoretical learning.

Student Achievements

Due to the environment of learning and knowledge, that we take great pains to provide our students with, we often have exemplary students whose dedication and hard work result in their winning competitions, awards and other accolades. We strive to try to recognize brilliance in our students in whichever way we can. Here are some of our students who deserve a mention for their extraordinary feats.

Industry Visits

In order to keep abreast with the latest technological development while gaining an in depth understanding of the practical aspects of what is taught to them, our students are made to visit industries extensively. Here are some of the visits that we have made along with the reasons why we have made them.