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Students Research Club

The School of Electrical Engineering has established a students research club to inculcate the interdisciplinary research culture amongst the students. The club is very much open and flexible in undergoing research in advanced areas. Some major research areas are enlisted in the following. However, it is not limited to only mentioned ones.

  • Electrical Vehicles

  • Smart Grid

  • Internet of Things

  • Application of Artificial Intelligence

  • Renewable Energy

  • Industrial Automation

Student Research Club-1


Organized in association with ICTP, Italy, and the IEEE Communications Society Pune Chapter, this hands-on workshop was intended to share good practices on how IoT nodes can be rapidly prototyped to carry out scientific measurements. Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) solutions based on open standards that address the requirements of scalability, heterogeneity, security, and complexity will be presented in the workshop. The workshop would be primarily based on hands-on sessions covering topics such as prototyping of embedded boards using MicroPython, LoRa and LoRaWAN protocols, MQTT, and REST, The Things Network, and collection and visualization of data. Dr. Marco Zennaro, ICTP, Trieste, Italy, was a resource person.

To get exposure to PSIM software and to know its industrial applications, a workshop was organized during January 8 – 9, 2019 for the students and faculty. It was intended to share the knowledge for building circuits and various systems, especially in power electronics, power, and control systems. Students were encouraged to use the tools in building the models in their projects. The workshop was conducted by Mr. R. Mehta from Trident Tech Labs.

Seminars / Guest Lectures / Interactive Sessions

School of Electrical Engineering had organized a half-day seminar on Smart and Intelligent Transportation Systems on January 6, 2020. Dr. Suresh Borkar, a Senior Faculty Member from Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, U.S.A conducted. Dr. Borkar enlightened the students and faculty on several important aspects such as the necessity of smart and intelligent transport, electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, major design issues and challenges in the implementation, and smart transportation from the Indian perspective. He emphasized the need for multidisciplinary and practical knowledge in this area.

To make students familiar with continuously evolving Electric Vehicles, a seminar on “EV Systems on organized on November 14, 2019. Mr. S. Govidrajan, Ex-Tata Motors with vast experience of more than 35 years in the field of transportation system, shared his view on electric vehicles and design challenges. The half-day seminar covered the past, present, and future of xEV systems. Significant interaction took place on transportation challenges and solutions through EVs, EV technology, future, key players, etc. The students were also enlightened from the career perspective on future opportunities in the EV field. Students were introduced to a technological area to work upon through projects and internships.

To make students aware of 3D printing technology and its applications, an expert talk on Coding and Marking – A Symphony of Technologies was organized on July 8, 2019. Mr. Mukund Naik, Director, Gauri Inkk Tech Pvt. Ltd. Pune) delivered a talk. Students got an idea of how three-dimensional objects are formed from a digital file and were introduced to various essential facets of 3D printing technology. Entrepreneurial opportunities were also discussed, motivating students from a business point of view.

An expert talk on Cable Joints & Accessories organized on November 26, 2019. Mr. Keshavan with, more than 25 years’ of industrial experience globally in the field of HV/EHV cables joints, delivered the session. Various technical aspects of cables such as types, constructional differences, insulation used, specifications, suitability, and applications were discussed. Students were made aware of different technologies of cable jointing and associated details such as types of joints, terminations, accessories used, cable laying, etc. Overall, it was a very informative session in which students discovered many facts and technologies beyond the syllabus.

Industrial Visits

School of Electrical Engineering students and faculty visited L&T Switchgear Training Center, Pune to participate in a Seminar on Harmonics Mitigation on March 27, 2019. Mr. Sanjay Kale, Deputy General Manager, L&T Switchgear Training Center, discussed various aspects of the harmonics, types, need of attention from industrial perspectives, mitigation techniques such as filters, zigzag transformers, etc. The students keenly observed and studied the design, operation, and electronic innovations in different switchgear equipment. Characteristics, rating, and selection of various switchgear equipment were explained so that they will be able to select the suitable according to requirements.

School of Electrical Engineering visited the wind farm of Suzlon Energy Ltd, Chalkewadi situated near Satara on July 23, 2019. It has 600 Wind Energy Systems (WES) with the range of capacity 350 kW to 2 MW. Company Engineers explained all the technical details right from construction, principle, types, site selection, etc of WES. The students were also exposed to the SCADA system for remote monitoring of the wind energy system that plays a crucial role in preventive maintenance as well as emergency conditions on-site. Overall, visit to Suzlon Energy Wind Farm was a knowledge enriching experience for students as well as faculty members.

National Study Tours

School of Electrical Engineering organized the National Study Tour of second and third-year BTech students to Bangalore from January 14, 2020, to January 21, 2020, and January 22, 2020, to January 27, 2020, respectively. In this study tour, students visited various research laboratories as well as Industries of national and international repute at Bangalore. Major of them are Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), National Aerospace Laboratory (NAL), Kempegowda International Airport, and High Voltage laboratory of Indian Institute of Sciences (IISc).

School of Electrical Engineering organized the National Study Tour of second-year BTech students to Delhi from January 10 – 15, 2019. Along with 62 Students, four faculty members visited various Industries, including Tata Energy and Resources Institute (TERI). Research expert Ritchie Stephen explained various areas of research at TERI. TERI conducts and encourages research areas such as agriculture, climate, energy environment, habitat, health, nutrition and resources. Students keenly took an interest in different aspects of energy i.e. energy access, energy efficiency, and renewable energy.