School of Education

Fees Structure & Scholarships

BEd Program

BEd Program Fees Structure
Tuition Fees –    Rs.31,500
Other Fees –      Rs.13,500
Total Fees –        Rs.45,000


Particulars Category I Category II Category III Category IV Category V
Fee Payable Rs.87,000 Rs.137,000 Rs.188,500 Rs.108,800 Rs.45,000
Graduation Percentage ≥ 70% and XII std. percentage ≥80% ≥ 70% ≥ 75% ≥ 70% Less than 70%

PG Program Scholarships:

Student should meet BOTH of the following criteria to be eligible for scholarship

Program Graduation percentage HSC Percentage Fee Payable per year
MEd >= 70% >= 80% Rs.35,000