School of Education

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed)


Faculty Development Programme (FDP)

MIT-WPU Faculty of Education conducts Faculty Development for the faculties of MIT-WPU. The major focus of the Faculty Development Programme was towards achieving excellence in teaching, training and enhancing research skill of all the faculty members of MIT-WPU.

Objectives of  FDP
  • To familiarize the teacher on imperatives of Outcomes-based Education (OBE) in his work.
  • To train the teachers in the use of Bloom’s Taxonomy in defining their respective course outcomes.
  • To equip the teacher with techniques belonging to Student-Centered /Active Learning Pedagogy.
  • To impress upon teacher’s mind the need for and ways to achieve alignment between Outcomes, Assessment, and Learning Experiences.
  • To introduce the various models of team teaching and methods of teaching-learning.
  • To make the course plans ready in the light of the new perspective for faculties across the university.

Till now 400 plus faculty members of MIT-WPU under the guidance of Prof. I.K. Bhat, Prof. Suhasini Desai, and Prof. Datta Dandge completed their FDP successfully.

Co-curricular Activities

The college provides its students numerous opportunities for co curricular activities to enrich their cultural interests. Students take part in a wide variety of cultural competitions.

Mehendi Competition:

The college held a mehendi competition for the students wherein the participating students displayed their talents for this Indian art.

Rangoli Competition:

A beautiful display of colours was put up by the students in the form of the Rangoli Competition.

Different Days Celebration:

The college organized some days where the students wore shades of a specific colour per day. The true Indian spirit reflected in the vibrant Traditional dresses worn by the students as well as the faculty.

Cooking Competition:

A lot was cooking on the day of the cooking competition. The students plated up some exquisite dishes which left the judges and others craving for more.

Flower Arrangement Competition:

Natures true beauty and freshness enchanted all who came to see the beautiful flower arrangements done by the students for this competition.


The rhythmic and energetic movements of various dance forms wowed the audience during the dance competition. The dynamic performances created an ambiance of vigor, excitement and joy.

Dassara and Navratri Celebration:

The dassara and Navratri celebrations were graced by the presence of Dr. Karad who performed the Saraswati Pooja. The students and the staff danced the cultural dance form of Dandiya. Everybody participated enthusiastically in the celebrations of Bhondla which included moving in a circle around an image of an elephant.

Creative Writing:

To nurture the creative talent of the students, the college organized a creative writing competition. The students expressed their strong opinions on ‘their take on the Republic Day’ which was the topic given to them.

Workshop on Personality development:

At MIT, we believe that the development of the overall personality of a person is crucial, and we work hard towards making our students better human beings. For the same, a personality development workshop was held, wherein, various topics were dealt with using activity-based methodology. The topics included gender equality, mental health, yoga, etc., and proved to be beneficial to the students.

Resume writing workshop and mock interviews:

A resume writing workshop was organized by Placement and Counseling Cell. Prof. Priya Kale had given the ideas about ‘How to prepare for Interviews’ by showing PowerPoint Presentation. She explained various techniques of facing the interview followed by Resume writing. Mock interviews were taken by faculty members. They gave feedback about interviews.