Basic Electrical Laboratory

This laboratory is used by the first year students to learn basic electrical course. It demonstrates experiments related to various types of wirings, circuit theorems, power measurement techniques, transformers and in allied areas. It is equipped with load bank, various ranges of voltmeters, ammeters, watt-meters and energy meter, transformers and AC and DC power supplies of different ranges.

Basic Electronics Laboratory

This laboratory cater the need of experimentation required primarily for second year students. It comprise of equipment such as power supplies, function and signal generators, CROs, DSOs, Computers along with simulation software tool such as Multisim, experiments kits and boards.

Electronics Circuits Laboratory (Two)

This laboratories are used for foundation courses like basic electronics engineering, linear integrated circuits, electronic measurement, network synthesis, and filter design. It is equipped with various boards such as Texas Instruments, power supplies, function generators, measuringinstruments like CROs, DSOs, LCR meter, True RMS meter, Computers, and software tools.

Electrical Machines Laboratory (Two)

This laboratories are designed to carry out experiments on various types of electrical machines used in practical applications. It is equipped with AC and DC machine setups such as DC shunt motor, DC series motor, induction motor and synchronous motor. The students can perform various tests on these machines and measure efficiency, torque, speed and losses.

Digital Electronics/ Microcontroller Labs (Two)

This laboratories are used for the practicals of subjects related to digital systems,microprocessors, microcontrollers, programming and for projects. The equipment/boards available are digital electronics trainers, function and signal generators, CROs, DSOs, logicanalyzer, Boards for 8086, 8051, PIC, TMS340, TIVA and Raspberry Pi along with OpenCV.

Communication Engineering Laboratory (Two)

This laboratories are designed for the experiments related to analog and digital communications. These laboratories are fully equipped with the necessary experimental setups, equipment such as signal and arbitrary function generators, DSOs, spectrum analyzers, logic analyzers, antenna systems, multimedia devices and Computers with Matlab, HFSS, IE3D and other open source software tools.

Power Electronics Laboratory

This laboratory caters practical setup used for power electronics. Experiments are related to most of the power conversions such as The laboratory is has several boards/kits required for AC to DC, DC to DC, DC to AC and AC to AC conversion along with equipment such as Power Oscilloscopes, DSOs and True RMS meters. Actual demonstrable motor generator drives are also available.

Mechatronics Laboratory

The hands-on practice related to the mechatronics, automation and control is carried out in Mechatronics lab. It uses the Arduino IDE, Parallax and other open source software tools along with Smartduino boards, transducers such as LVDT, load cells, signal conditioning circuits, accelerometers, DC motors and other hardware and software tools.

Programming Laboratory (Two)

This laboratories are used to teach software programming skills and to undertake assignments on various software tools. Laboratories have computers with latest configurations, printers and are fully connected.
Operating Systems: Windows, Linux Software: C, C++, C#, Java, .NET, Python, Code Blocks, C-Sharp, Open CV, Lab View, Matlab, Scilab, R-Programming

Digital Signal and Image Processing Laboratory

This laboratory is equipped with embedded platforms meant for signal processing of digital data such as image,video data, audio data, figure print data, etc. Pentium PCs with software tools such as MATLAB,Lab View and Integrated Development Environments such as Code Composer Studio, Keil, Eclipse etc along with the embedded platforms from TI, ATMEL, Philips, etc are available. Apart from the practicals based on the curriculum, this laboratory is also utilized by the students for their projects. The higher end platforms such as TMDXE EVM DM8168, TMS320C6713, TMS320C6437, TMS320C6748, lpc2148, lpc1768 are used by the students for their project work.

Embedded Systems and Internet of Thing Laboratory

This laboratory is designed for performing experiments and undertaking projects in embedded system design and Internet of things. Laboratory is equipped with Computers, ARM7, ARM9, ARM Cortex trainer boards, Arduino boards, Intel Galileo, Edison, Grove starter kits, LoRa nodes, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, BLE modules and other add on boards. State-of-art software platforms and Integrated Development Environment are available for Embedded and IoT project developments.

VLSI Laboratory

This laboratory is used for software programming related to VLSI design as well as for interfacing. It has computers, CPLD and FPGA trainer boards, PIC 18 boards with I/O cards and DSOs. Software tools like Matlab, Simulink, Multisim, Xilinx foundation series, VHDL, Keil are available in the laboratory.

Advanced Communication and Networks Laboratory

This laboratory is used for the experiments related to fiber optic communication, microwave, satellites, software defined radio,computer networks, wired and wireless communication. It has state of the art equipment such as optical time domain reflectometer, optical power meters, microwave benches setups, satellite communication trainer, vector network analyzer, universal software radio peripherals, Lora nodes, Mobile phone trainers, GSM, CDMA and 3G trainers, CISCO switches and routers, PCs with software tools such as Matlab, Phoenix, Lab View, Qualnet, NetSim and GNU Radio, NS-2/NS-3, GNS-3, CISCO Packet tracer and others.

Distributed Processing and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

This laboratory is used by undergraduate and master’s students for their project work. It has several work stations along with NVIDIA graphics cards on which different applications which need parallel processing can be performed. The lab has also PCs along with Multisim, IE3D, Proteus, and Labview licensed softwares.

Research Laboratory(Two Labs)

These labs are preliminary used by masters and doctoral students. These labs are equipped with efficient computing platforms, advanced hardware boards and equipment, various licensed and open source software tools required for research purpose.