Jitendra Ashok Gore

Company: Nokia Solutions & Networks
Designation: Market Services Head – India Applications & Analytics
Department: E&TC
Batch: 1987
Mobile : +91 9822078576
Testimonial: Being part of the first batch of MIT, the institution is very close to my heart. I will never forget the values this institution has taught me apart from the curriculum. My sincere respect to Dr. V D Karad Sir & entire faculty of this great institute. My advice to students is to be disciplined in their approach to life & hard work is the only way forward to success.

Sunil B Desadla

Company: Sansui Electronics Pvt. Ltd., Pune
Designation: Director
Department: E&TC
Batch: 1988
Mobile: 9823089855
Testimonial: When I go back in past and see, I feel that MIT College was my best part of Life. It’s really good and important to enjoy all the moments of Life to the fullest and be very much present as all these phases of Life may never come back.

Shri. Mahesh Deshmukh

Company: Chetas Control Systems Pvt Ltd, Pune.
Designation: Managing Director
Department: E&TC
Batch: 1988
Mobile: 93250 11796.
Testimonial: My advice to the student is don’t look at Engineering as a degree, but a platform to understand the outside world. Don’t limit yourself to only academics, but apply your knowledge whenever you got the opportunity. Be focused on your goal and whatever you do in life, whether it is a job or business, do it with passion and you will get success.

Shrirang (Arvind) K. Karandikar

Company: Shell
Designation: General Manager
Department: E&TC
Batch : 1994
Mobile: +91 7259007245
Testimonial: MIT WPU students are getting technical knowledge with Indian culture and values. This will be very helpful in professional life.

Manoj Patil

Company: India Software Labs
Designation: Program Director
Department: E&TC
Batch : 1996
Mobile: +91 9890091433
Testimonial: Whatever I have achieved today is because of MIT. MIT gave me the Midas touch. I am very proud to be a MITian. MIT WPU Students have got opportunity to study from this great university. They are having bright future.

Amit Mohabey

Company: Tata Motors Ltd
Designation: DGM (Quality)
Department: E&TC
Batch : 1992
Mobile: +91 8605012078
Testimonial: Acquire max skills and knowledge .Execl in whatever you are best at.

Chandradhar Prasad

Company: L&T Electrical and Automation
Designation: Asst. Manager – Business Development (Engineering solutions – Automation) for Middle East.
Department: E&TC
Batch : 2010
Testimonial: Acquire max skills and knowledge.Excel in whatever you are best at.
Before joining MIT for Bachelor of Engineering course, I didn’t have any idea about this great institution. I came from Bangladesh to the international center of the University of Pune in 2006 as ICCR scholar under the Govt. of India scholarship programme to take admission for BE course. After completion of formalities in the university, it was a time to decide which engineering college I shall select for BE course from the list of many colleges in Pune.

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I did research for a few days and selected MIT as my college because of mainly diversified culture, strong faculty, beautiful campus, and 24 hrs. library at world peace center. After joining MIT, I really fell in love with this campus. I still remember on the first day while entering the main gate, security stopped our taxi because world peace prayer was being played. I and my friends didn’t understand anything about it on the first day but later we discovered that everyday world peace prayer is being played in the campus in the early morning for “Peace and Happiness” of the universe. This prayer is such a unique thing which you may not see in any college campus in the world. This was a wonderful experience during my campus days. After starting my first semester, we found another interesting initiative by the college was “Foreign Division”, this was created especially for the students who are foreign citizens and to ensure foreign students feel comfortable in the college campus. We had mentors assigned to each subject. Every professor was really very helpful for everything we asked for. Just to mention, I remembered, Dr. Neeta Kankane and Dr. Milind Pande have spent their hours with the students as they were teaching very important and complex subjects. After the first year, we all foreign students then became part of each section of different disciplines with Indian students. I was in E&TC, and I found all faculty members were helpful. You can do whatever projects you would like to do, professors are very keen to support you in all aspects. They have spent their hours with students outside the class just to ensure students understand their subjects well. We are grateful to such brilliant professors who taught us everything we needed to lead the industry today. Classmates were amazing, I never felt being a foreign student in my class, we used to even share food during lunch hours among all of us. Besides all, MIT as an institution has a lot of initiatives such as study tour, technical festival, and competitions, yearly cultural program, placement meetings, sports meet etc. I must mention that ROBOCON lab is a unique set up by our seniors and professors. This initiative had earned international accolades to the institution. As a part of world peace center activity, you would also see a lot of programs are being held every day. Overall, I would say 4 years in MIT campus was great and lifetime experience. I must mention that all of us who graduated from MIT shall be grateful to our director and founder Dr. Karad sir because his leadership has made this campus very beautiful and heaven for the students. I wish if I have a chance to go back to this campus again.

Gaurao Chaudhari

Company: Enphase Energy
Designation: Senior Firmware Engineer
Department: E&TC
Batch : 2013
Mobile: +1(669)238-8693
Testimonial: MIT is the place where I started my educational venture. Education at MIT is one of the best in the state. It was not always about the studies or about the projects but something beyond that. And that is what I would suggest the current students at MIT WPU to gain from this institution. Take home an experience which would last a lifetime. Be confident and do not let your ideas die. Ask questions and keep alive your intrigued mind.

Sanchit Malik

Designation: Co-Founder & Director
Department: E&TC
Batch : 2013
Mobile: +919028708626
Testimonial: MIT Pune has an excellent engineering infrastructure and location which opens up lot of opportunities for students. It is a great platform for smart students to leverage and become leaders of tomorrow. The faculty is extremely supportive and acknowledges students’ efforts which are motivating. Four years of undergraduate is a great time to increase your knowledge horizon. With availability of time, knowledge on internet, labs & infrastructure at MIT, it is a great opportunity for you to learn new things. You shouldn’t restrict yourself to your branch and try to learn other subjects of your interest.

Sanket Sadavarte

Company: ZS Associates, Pune
Designation: Business Technology Analyst
Department: E&TC
Batch : 2017
Mobile: +91 9403764214
Testimonial: MIT always supports students for their overall personality development. MIT encourages students to take part in extra- curricular activities, by providing many platforms such as Cultural, NCC, Sports, Robocon, Magazine, Technical Events. The institute provides supportive faculty guidance, state of art laboratories, for curricular development. Project- learning methodologies practiced in the college are useful for self- learning. Try your best to leverage the facilities provided by college, may they be library, laboratories, technical tools, anything. Participate in extra- curricular activities proactively. Always believe in your skills and capabilities, academic success is important but it is not the only thing which matters. College offers wide range of opportunities for students to interact with Industry via placements, collaboration, tie-ups.