School of Law

Director General Provost Message


Prof (Dr.) Rajiv R Thakur

Director General Provost Message, School of Law

Dear Students,

School of Law, MIT-WPU is a budding name in the country for imparting Undergraduate law programmes. The diverse bouquet of programmes interwoven across various disciplines of the University along with a highly acclaimed and experienced faculty pool provides every requisite in fulfilling the aspirations of students, industry and the society.

As is understood worldwide, the future of law education finds its relevance in a multi- disciplinary curriculum, too, a practice oriented and skill based teaching-learning approach and on research and innovation having a local and global impact. All the programs of School of Law at MIT-WPU tend to integrate all of these into their design, curriculum, pedagogy and teaching – learning architecture.

A strong DNA of MIT-WPU in quality teaching, research and academic rigor, rich pool of expertise from academia and legal fraternity, close connect with the legal firms, nationally and internationally, and its thrust towards creating an impact on the community and society collectively goes into the design and delivery of programs ensuring that they are contemporary and relevant. This is very much reflected in the programs offered across a wide spectrum of sectors and key functional areas.

The ideals of MIT-WPU of value-based universal education emphasizing on an appropriate understanding of the role of science and spirituality for world peace through creation of right knowledge has a deeper impact on the grooming of our students. The changing times throw up huge challenges before leaders which cannot be addressed merely by intellect or knowledge. It needs certain inner virtues, inner enlightenment and tenacity in the leaders for better handling of such challenges. We encourage students to groom themselves into a fearless ‘karm yogi’ and carry the right values and regard for ethics which are so critical for organizations and the leaders driving them today.

Drawing upon my experiences from academia and the industry, I am a firm believer in the collective wisdom of experienced and young minds and my primary focus has always been “the students” and preparing them for their life long goals. It is my endeavor to carry forward this spirit in whatever we do and practice at School of Law, MIT-WPU.

I invite students, parents, experts from industry and academia, faculty, staff members and all other stakeholders to extend your firm hands and support to the School of Law in fulfilling its larger mission of ‘building a future generation’, a generation which we all hope shall responsibly impact the society and build a better world of today and tomorrow!

Wishing Great Luck!

Prof (Dr.) Rajiv R Thakur
Director General Provost
School of Law, MIT-WPU