Department of Mechanical Engineering


Theory of Machines laboratory

Objectives of this Theory of Machines lab are to impart practical knowledge on design and analysis of mechanisms for the specified type of motion in a machine. With the study of rigid bodies motions and forces for the transmission systems, machine kinematics and dynamics can be well understood. Demonstration exercises are provided with wide varieties of transmission element models to understand machine kinematics. Various experiments with governors, gyroscopes, balancing machines and universal vibration facilities are available to understand machine dynamics. Various commonly used mechanisms and its inversions in machines are also available.

Computer and CAD Laboratory

A well-equipped computer lab with advanced facilities is established for the benefit of the Mechanical Engineering students. At CAD lab, students get professional training on 2D & 3D drafting of Mechanical Engineering drawings using the latest version of Auto-cad software. Student will learn computer aided design layout and 3D solid modelling definition.


Thermal Engineering lab

In this laboratory, students will have the opportunity to study the working principle of IC engines (both SI and CI engines), performance and characteristics in terms of heat balancing, economical speed variations, air-fuel ratio influence on the engine to reinforce classroom theory by having the student perform the required tests, analyze subsequent data, and present the results in a professionally prepared report. The machines and equipment used to determine experimental data include cut models of the 4stroke diesel engine, 2stroke petrol engine, 4stroke and two-stroke petrol engines with required specifications, Multi-cylinder SI engine, Single cylinder Diesel engine for performance and speed test which is suitable to tests on variable compression ratios.

Metrology and Quality control lab

The Metrology and Industrial Inspection systems make student conversant with the latest trends of measuring efficiently and build industrial inspection and metrology systems. Therefore, this lab has been developed based on the common inspection and metrology platform, combining real-time data processing into sophisticated measurement systems for industrial applications. Also To demonstrate the theoretical concepts taught in Mechanical Measurements & Metrology, To understand and use various measuring tools, To understand the calibration of various measuring devices.


The study of workshop practice acts as the basis for further technical studies. General workshop practices are included in the curriculum in order to provide hands-on experience about the use of different engineering materials, tools, types of equipment and processes that are common in the engineering field. We have a modern well-established workshop, equipped with various traditional as well as most modern machines and latest tools and instruments. It imparts basic knowledge of various tools and their use in different sections of manufacture such as Fitting, Carpentry, Smithy, Electrical, Soldering, Plumbing Shop etc.

Fluid Mechanics Lab

The Fluid Mechanics laboratory is actively engaged to reinforce and enhance understanding of the fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics. The experiments here are designed to demonstrate the applications of the basic fluid engineering principles and to provide a more intuitive and physical Understanding of the theory. The Fluid Mechanics lab is equipped with different flow measuring set-ups such as venturi meter, orifice meter, nozzle, centrifugal head meter, where students can visualize the basic theory of working of the flow meter.

Power Engineering lab

Power Engineering lab focuses on real-time applications of fluid flow, Heat Transfer in thermal energy systems, refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems, I. C Engines and non-conventional energy resources. The core courses are designed to provide the students with the required base for undertaking specialized electives and the project in the fields of heat transfer, Fluid Dynamics, Thermal Design and development of various components. The lab activities are designed in consultation with industries and research activities.

Automobile laboratory

This lab is common for mechanical and automobile engineering students with facilities for the group of 30 students to carry out experiments independently. The lab is well-equipped and enables students to understand the fundamentals of Automotive Engineering which include basic structure, body style, power plant and wheel & tyre assembly.

Major Equipment in Automobile Engineering Lab is:- Chassis of an automobile, synchromesh gear box, Hydraulic and Mechanical brake, Vehicle lighting system, Wheel and tyre assembly, Wind screen and  Clutches.

Renewable Energy Resources laboratory

Metallurgy lab