Department of Computer Engineering



Amdocs Innovation Center (Sponsored by AMDOCS Pune)

This laboratory is mainly used by student for implementing innovative research ideas.

Laboratory resources (Equipment)
⦁ Hardware: HP DX2280, Core 2 Duo, 1GB RAM, 80 HDD (06 nos.)
⦁ Software: Windows XP/Ubantu, Visual Studio 6.0,Office 2007,Qual Net, Rational Software Architecture


IBM Center of Excellence (Support by IBM India Ltd.)

This Laboratory is used by B.Tech Student for carrying out Practical’s related to Software Engineering and Databases.

Laboratory resources (Equipment)
⦁ Hardware: Dell Optiplex 390,Core i5, 4 GB RAM,320 HDD,17 LED Monitor (40 nos.), Scanner :1
⦁ Software: Windows 7 Pro & Ubuntu 12.04, Rational Suite Enterprise ,MS Office 2007Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0

Networking Laboratory

This Laboratory is used by diploma Student for carrying out Practicals of Network domain.

Laboratory resources (Equipment)
⦁ Hardware:  HP Elite 800,Core-i5 ,4GB RAM,500GB, HDD, 18.5” LED Monitor (35 nos.)
⦁ Software: Window 8.1, Visual Studio 2010, Qual Net, VMWare, Oracle Express Edition, Tasm NetBeans 605/6.8/7.3/8.0.2,Turbo ++, Microsoft SQL Server, Android, Seqrite Endpoint Protection, Winzip.

Microprocessor Laboratory :

This Laboratory is used by diploma students for performing practicals based on Microprocessor.

Laboratory resources (Equipment)
⦁ Hardware: HP Compaq Elite 8200 MT PC Core-i5, CPU@ 3.1 Ghz, 4 GB RAM, 500GB HDD, 32-bit OS, 18.5” LED Monitor (35 PC’s), Laptop – 01.
⦁ Software: Windows XP 2007, Linux, Oracle, Android, TASM, Turbo C, C++, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, Netbeans 6.5/6.8/7.3/8.0.2.

Software Testing Laboratory

This Laboratory is used by diploma students for performing practicals related to software testing.

Laboratory resources (Equipment)
⦁ Hardware: Dell OptiPlex 7010   Core-i5, 4GB RAM,500 HDD (35 nos.),18.5” TFT monitors.
⦁ Software: Windows 8.1/ Ubantu, Visual Studio 6.0 and 10,Office 2010, Rational Software Architecture, JAVA, Oracle, Linux,Netbeans 6.5/6.8/7.3/8.0.2,Microsoft Visio 2010.

Department Library

It has a good collection of printed text and reference books.