Sr.No. Title/Name of IP (Copyright) Type of IP IP Registration Number of Copyright
1 Handwritten Character Dataset in MODI Lipi Copyright L-105228/2021
2 Smart Captcha Copyright 9166/2021-CO/SW
3 Certificate for Internship Logbook. Copyright L-94123/2020
4 Methodology of Hypoglycemia Detection using Superficial Body Parameters Copyright 22104/2021-CO/L
5 Use of TF-IDF to extract features for E Learning recommendation system Copyright L-112984/2022
6 Dataset for Superficial Body Parameter Reading of diabetic and non-diabetic people including Blood Glucose level. Copyright 274/2022-CO/L
7 Novel approach for Women's Safety using Smart Band Copyright 28110/2021-CO/L
8 Sign Language Dataset of English alphabets & numbers Copyright 568/2022-CO/A
9 Student Activity Classroom Dataset Copyright 4447/2022-CO/CF
10 A Comprehensive Dataset of Traffic Images for Driver Assistance System Copyright 24872/2021-CO/A
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