Computer Science & Engineering


Program Overview

The Ph.D. program in Computer Science and Engineering is offered to students who are interested in advanced learning and research in all domain of Computer Science and Engineering. A student should be able to find the solution for the problems faced by society and different domains of technology in computer science and other fields.

Program Structure

Ph.D. is a 3 years full-time study Program which provides a rewarding career in engineering and technology.
Duration: Three Years, Full Time Program


  • Course work

  • Continuous Assessment of work

  • Progress Seminar Assessment

List of Ph.D. Guides

Sr. No. Name of Guide Area of Research Specialization
1 Dr. V. Y Kulkarni Machine Learning, Data Mining  & Business Intelligence,
2 Dr. M. V. Bedekar Web Data Mining, Web Personalization, User Interface Design, User Interface Improvements, Browser Customization, Affective Computing, and Information Visualization.
3 Dr. B. M. Patil Network Management, Information, and Cyber Security
4 Dr. Rashmi Phalnikar Software Engineering, Requirement Engineering, Role of AI in Software Engineering and Applications area of Data Science
5 Dr. Nitin N. Pise Computer Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, High Performance Computing
6 Dr. Kishor Kolhe Software Engineering, IoT, Network & Security
7 Dr. Himangi Pande Wireless Body Area Network, Wireless Sensor Networks, IoT, Data Analytics
8 Dr. Sharmishta Desai Big Data, Data Mining, Machine Learning
9 Dr. Uma Pujeri Network Security, Cryptography