Report for Session on Alumni Interaction (S.Y. B.Tech (CS))

School of Computer Engineering and Technology organized an Alumni interaction session for S.Y. B.Tech (CS) students on 13th April from 9 am to 11 am in the Saint Dnyaneshwara Hall. This interaction was planned with an objective of reconnecting with the alumni as well as showcasing their success stories to inspire the budding engineers. The topics of interaction were: higher studies, placement, entrepreneurship and current trends in IT.

The panel for the session consisted of distinguished alumni who have outperformed in their respective career paths. They were –
1. Mr. Rohidas Kuldharan (Director – Consistent Systems).
2. Mr. Hrishikesh Dhande (Academic Relationship Manager – TCS).
3. Mr. Arjun Hariharan (Director of Engineering, Velotio Pvt. Ltd.)
4. Mr. Chinmay Jog (Technical lead – Intellore Systems Pvt. Ltd.)
5. Mr. Rajesh Solanki (Founder & CEO – Aquillaminds, Pune)
6. Ms. Tanvi Jain (Software developer – Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd.)
7. Ms. Sneha Botre (Software developer – Onit India Pvt. Ltd.)
8. Mr. Nikhil Ajgaonkar (recently completed MBA (HR) from XLRI, Jamshedpur)
9. Ms. Gunjusha Bhole (Visiting faculty at Foreign language department, Savitribai Phule Pune University)
10.Mr. Kartik Natrajan (Software engineer – EQ Technologic Pvt. Ltd.)

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Report for Session on Alumni Interaction

An interactive session with the alumni from different walks of life was organized on 22nd February 2019 in Seminar Hall, 4th floor, D building from 8.30 am to 10.30 am. Around 80 students from T.E. and B.E. CS and IT of MIT, MIT COE Pune attended the session. This session was aimed at providing the current students of MIT WPU with relevant information on various topics such as placement, higher education, entrepreneurship and latest trends in the IT sector.

The panel for the session consisted of distinguished alumni who have excelled in their respective career paths. They were –
1. Mr. Bharat Makwana – CTO, Woxi Software LLP, Pune.
2. Mr Santosh Kadam – Cognizant, Pune.
3. Mr Pankaj Rathod – ATOS, Pune.
4. Ms. Siddhi Pise – Managing Partner, Micro Precision, Pune.


Diversity on the panel, with respect to their respective career choices ensured that the audience get important information regarding a wide range of career choices available before them which includes higher education, placements, startups etc. The session began with each alumnus sharing the journey traveled so far, which helped the students to get an insight into the ensuing challenges.

With respect to higher education, Ms. Siddhi Pise enlightened the audience with the importance and benefits of getting a technical Master’s degree and how it helps an individual to gain leverage over others with respect to employability by enhancing one’s skill levels and depth of domain knowledge. In the questions that followed, she spoke about the finer intricacies of getting a Master’s, such as what goes into making of a strong MS application, financial aid issues etc.

Mr Pankaj Rathod explored another avenue – placements. He spoke in depth about the placement procedure that is conventionally followed, his personal experiences during placements and how to deal with rejections if any. This indeed served as a stark reminder for the audience that selection ultimately depends on an individual’s skill-set and grades. The speaker also shared some valuable tips as to how one should prepare for the aptitude tests of various companies, both general and technical. All the apprehensions and doubts in the minds of the students’ regarding placements were indeed well-resolved by the end of the session.

Mr Santosh Kadam introduced the audience to life in the IT Industry and its changing face in the last decade or so. He emphasized on the need to learn constantly, and how one’s skills of application matter more in the industry than degrees and theoretical knowledge. Several personal experiences shared by him were great motivation for the students. In the follow-up questions, he also clarified some doubts regarding employability in India after doing an MS, clearly stating that as long as one has the relevant skills he/she will surely find a suitable employer.

Mr. Bharat Makwana shared insights about the path less trodden – starting one’s own venture. He spoke in detail regarding his personal experiences when starting his own company, the challenges and hurdles that he faced and much more. He stressed upon the need for a guiding light in the form of a mentor, who can show the way in times of uncertainty. In the questions that followed, he highlighted the need to start early, right from the college days and ensure that one’s idea of a startup is unique and sellable to the world.

Overall the whole session with various alumni was very well received by the students who gained insights on various options available after graduation. The real-life experiences shared by alumni would be greatly beneficial to current students when they enter the corporate world. This alumni meet was a great experience for the students as they had all their questions answered by the esteemed alumni, who have been pursuing successful careers. To summarize, the response from the students was extremely positive and they look forward to more such sessions in future.

The event was organized by: Prof. Mamta Bhamare, Dr. Nitin Pise, Prof. Amit Savyanavar, Prof. Sukhada Bhingarkar, Prof. Suja Panicker, Prof. Sajeeda Shikalgar, Prof. Deepali Javale and Prof. Aparna Kamble.

Alumni Testomonials

Rajat Khurana
Batch – 1991 (Computer Engineering)
CEO, West coast consulting, Orange Country, California

Thank you for reaching out and making all the effort to connect all of us and many others.
I will highly recommend that you make an Alumni group on Facebook and LinkedIn as well. This will allow us to recommend that group to others very easily.  Good news – We are very well connected with other folks of our batches and can easily help connect them with MIT and others.
In fact in 2012 we had a small 20 yrs Computer science reunion at Las Vegas which was attended by close to 20 of us. I wish best for MIT-WPU!

Nitesh Chawla
Batch – 1997 (Computer Engineering)
Researcher and Frank Freimann Chair Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Notre Dame, Founder- Aunalytics, University of South Florida, USA.

My days at MIT were spent in learning and bonding, filled with enthusiasm as well as energy. I wish the best to my Alma Mater in this transition from MIT, Pune to MIT-World Peace University.

Mohit Gupta
Batch – 2003 (Computer Engineering)
Superintend of Police in Aligarh, UP

MIT has laid the strongest of foundation in developing myself, not only professionally but also on social, cultural & personal levels of life. The knowledge of Computer Engineering is helping me in dealing with Cyber crime and other anti social crucial cases.

Hrishikesh Utpat
Batch – 2012 (Computer Engineering)
Assistant Commissioner, Indian Revenue Service, Ministry of Finance, Government of India

Dear MITians.
Congratulations on making it to a fantastic institution.
The four years that you will spend here will be some of the most crucial ones in your life. MIT gives you many opportunities to develop yourself as an individual, as an Engineer, and as a professional. Make sure you make the most of it! Use every opportunity & every challenge constructively, and you shall be amply rewarded for years to come.
Best of luck for the future!”

Bharat Makawana
Batch – 2010 (Computer Engineering)
Chief Technology Officer, WOXI Solutions, Pune

Take advantage of this time to become the most amazing version of yourself, Don’t be too quick to specialize, Build yourself, not your resume

Dhruv Goyal
Batch – 2010 (Computer Engineering)
Founder, Exclusivelane, Noida

Everyone should follow their passion & do what they are passionate about as grades is just another metric & has no relation to the level of success one can achieve in life.

Rajesh Solanki
Batch – 2010 (Computer Engineering)
CEO and Co-founder, Aquilaminds Softwares Pvt Ltd, Pune

MIT being one of the best college, students here are also among top students in India.Students who find it difficult to be placed through campus placement should take guidance from their seniors so that they are not misled by individuals / agencies

Sleet shah
Batch – 2010-11 (Computer Engineering)
Deputy Superintendent of Police, J&K

Sleet Shah qualified the provincial civil services in the state of Jammu and Kashmir and was ranked among the top 50 in the list of the qualifiers of the civil service exam conducted by the Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission. She was offered the Police Services and she is currently posted as Dy. Superintendent of Police ( which is equivalent to the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police , in the Commissionerate system )

Ashutosh Sohani
Batch – 2015-16 (Computer Engineering)
Selection at University of California, LA for FILM SCORING certification. Certificate-Royal School of Music London.

MITCOE has successfully provided vital platform to it’s engineers in various fields. The moral values and ethics upon which the college stands tall are held true by the virtue of its well-known alumni circle. While representing the college in many Theatrical competitions and organizing Aarohan the Cultural Fest, I was able to understand the crux of Finance and Leadership skills apart from the exponential growth as an artist on the other hand. The involvement of teachers and management to the grass root level helped in maintaining a good GPA. Today while working in Los Angeles music industry, I would always appreciate the efforts invested on me by the institution. Eventually, the value of all the knowledge imparted in those four years is being realised. All in all, I am proud to graduate from MITCOE.

Varad Vivek Vishwarupe
Computer Engineering
Microsoft R&D India Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru

Worked at Microsoft R&D India Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru, India as Software Development Engineering Intern . Worked on Azure Machine Learning and allied technologies .
Currently pursuing MSc + Ph.D. programme from the University of Cambridge. The rank of University 2nd in the world according to Times Higher Education Ranking and UCL is 6th worldwide.

Tejas Patil
Batch-2010 (Computer Engineering)
Software Engineer

My four years of undergraduate studies in Dept. of Information Technology at Maharashtra Institute of Engineering gave me exposure to foundation of Computer Science. The faculty taught me skills and supported me in becoming a good engineer. The departmental and institute level libraries were a good complementary aid in terms of learning new things.

Rohidas Kuldharan
Computer Engineering
Founder member Consistent System

I want to say that MIT is the best place to study and enjoy your life at full scale. The kindness and support by the professors will make your fundamentals clear and also help create a winning personality . Surely you will enjoy each and every day of your study in MIT. Good luck to MIT-WPU!

Nikhil Pingle
Batch-2010 (Computer Engineering)
IAS, Government of India, Assistant Superintendent of Police

MIT has truly become a popular institute in India by its consistent hardwork for more than past 30 years. Providing a unique campus with superb technical facilities in the heart of the Oxford of East – Pune, it sometimes stands as the icon of identification for this city of education.It not just provided me with excellent engineering learning but also a pan-SAARC exposure. Yes, MIT is the alma mater for many students from Nepal, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Iran and even countries as far as Mongolia.No doubt it is one of the best institute to be in, in the nation.