Civil Researchers


Principal Investigator :  Dr. H. R. Magar Patil

Title: Structural Dynamics Laboratory
Date of Commencement and Period of funding:  1 April 2017 Two years
Amount (Rs.)  : 19,00,000
Funding Agency :  AICTE, MODROB

Seismic response assessment of existing Civil Engineering Structures is of prime importance. Lateral load developed during a seismic event is a major problem to worry. Seismic performance of all existing building can be improved using various energy dissipation systems. But, structural auditing of the buildings should be done numerically as well as experimentally to understand the present status so that remedial rehabilitation methods can be suggested. The major part was to develop facilities of Structural Auditing and testing wherein various nondestructive tests can be done. This helps to develop a authenticate report of present working status of the structure. The instrumentation developed is also to motivate budding technocrats to develop their mind set to study various energy dissipation systems so as to enhance the seismic performance of the structures.

Principal Investigator :  Dr. H. R. Magar Patil

Title: Behavior of Composite Concrete Structures for Water Proofing and Thermal Insulation
Date of Commencement and Period of funding:  10.02.2007 – April 2009
Amount (Rs.)  : 1,00,000
Funding Agency :  University Of Pune

Variations in atmospheric temperature affects the properties of structure. The RCC slabs and walls transfer most of the atmospheric temperature inside the building. Higher temperature renders thermal cracks which damages the structures. These thermal cracks are the major causes of structural leakages also. Thus thermal variations are highly hazardous from durability point of view of structures and needs to be worked on to improve the structural properties. Whenever there is a temperature difference, heat flows naturally from a warmer space to a cooler space. To maintain comfort in winter, the heat lost must be replaced by the heating system; and in summer, the heat gained must be removed by the cooling system. It makes sense to use thermal insulation to reduce this energy consumption, while increasing comfort and saving money. The research has concluded with the in house development of thermal conductivity meter and also ended up with concrete solution for Water Proofing and Thermal Insulation.