Dr. Mrudula. S. Kulkarni

1. Fostering Research culture and raising infrastructure for Research

To establish new technology in recycled concrete waste , entrepreneurship ,and to create research ambience for masters and doctoral students of civil engineering for projects based on `Characterization of concrete demolition waste ,its recycling for low cost construction products.`

2. Research Faculty and Student Exchange programme

The partner institutions MIT –Pune and Politechnico De Milano agree to cooperate for the exchange of students and/or staff in the context of the Erasmus+ programme.

Dr. H. R. Magar Patil

Structural Dynamics Laboratory

Seismic response assessment of existing Civil Engineering Structures is of prime importance. Lateral load developed during a seismic event is a major problem to worry.

Dr. S. P. Patil

Strength estimation for high strength concrete incorporating metakaolin and strain measurement in prestressed high strength concrete beam with prestress losses estimation by using time step method

In this research work, an attempt has been made to study the effects of mineral admixtures by partial replacement to cement in terms of improved performance in compressive strength and durability of prestressed concrete.

Prof. Mrs. A. Rajan

Experimental study of fiber reinforced blended concrete

The acceptance of fiber reinforced concrete by construction industry has lead to a number of developments. Among these developments, metallic fibers, polymer fibers, mineral fibers and naturally occurring fibers are used to modify properties of concrete and mortar.

Prof. Mrs. N. J. Pathak

Effect of Magnetic water on Engineering properties of Concrete

The most important challenge for concrete technologists is to improve the compressive strength of concrete and to get more workable concrete at less water .Most researchers concentrate on Aggregates, cement and admixtures.

Prof. Darshan Gaidhankar

Experimental Investigation of Ferrocement Panels under Impact load

For rapid growing residential and industrial sectors, advanced technology is required. Hence development of different materials of constructions, low cost housing and time saving construction methods are some of the different measures that research works and engineers have been attempting towards meeting this challenge.