School of Civil Engineering

As we enter the 21st century we find ourselves in an increasingly digital world. With the advent of science and technology reaching meteoric heights, the importance of Civil Engineering has only increased. Now, more than ever, Civil Engineers are required to build the various giant infrastructure projects on whose back the world is now run. From damming works to building skyscrapers to building roadways and ports; every structure that is man made requires a Civil Engineer. It has been so since the time of the pyramids about 4000 years ago and it will be true of any structure we erect 4000 years from now.

We, at MIT-WPU School of Civil Engineering take great pride in our faculty, who are amongst the best in India, being chosen equally for their academic acumen as for their industry experience. Students studying under us are assured of the highest quality education buoyed by our state of the art laboratories and extensive field trips to industries in order to familiarize them with the practical aspects of their trade. Not only that, but our alumni have a strong active network where they cooperate and communicate effectively amongst each other so as to keep abreast of the latest technology and opportunities.


Creation of competent Civil Engineers to be the future builders of the World.


To foment a learning environment which conforms to the highest standards of research and Industry.

The realization of a creative thought process amongst our students by introducing them to new building materials, evolved processes and the latest technology.

Creation of a centralized department with an eye to facilitate education, research as well as development under one roof.


Engineering is the profession in which knowledge of mathematics and natural sciences is used to the benefit of mankind. Our B.Tech. Programme is based on three cardinal


You may not know that civil engineering is as old as the hills, yet as young as the 21st century. If related questions spark your interest, if you would like to test to failure structural models in laboratories,



There is an ever-growing need for comprehensive technical education, research and consulting activities all around the sphere. Hence, demand for scholars will continue to climb in the country..


Two Day’s National Workshop on “Prestressed and Advanced Concrete Structures”

The workshop on “PRESTRESSED AND ADVANCED CONCRETE STRUCTURES” is organized to provide the knowledge on prestressed concrete structures that are adopted in construction industries.

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MIT-WPU School of Civil Engineering blood drive

The MIT-WPU School of Civil Engineering has made us proud, again!

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NIRMITEE 2018-A Civil Engineering

“Civil Engineering Student Association (CESA) of MIT-WPU, Pune hosts the 19th Edition of national level Civil
Engineering Technical Event. This event aspires to bridge the distance between the working industry and the educational provision in colleges.”

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