Programme Overview

Engineering is the profession in which knowledge of mathematics and natural sciences is used to the benefit of mankind. Our B.Tech. Programme is based on three cardinal principles: providing social context to education, giving maximum choice to the student to choose a career path, encouraging active learning.

B.Tech -Civil Engineering takes you through fine nuances of planning, designing, construction and maintenance along with management of various resources, personnel, administration, finance and construction.

As a Civil Engineer you could work in diverse fields viz. Irrigation, Dams, Canals, Hydropower, Roads, Railways, Buildings, Industrial Structures, Bridges, Docks, Harbours, Airfields, Tunnels, Environmental Engineering (including Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment Systems) etc. One can also prepare for Civil Services examination or continue Higher Postgraduate or Doctoral Studies to pursue Academic or Research based Careers.

Programme Objectives

Salient features

  • Encouraging experiential learning for our students by organizing international and national events.

  • NIRMITEE is our event that attracts over a 1000 students from across our nation.

  • Our teams compete in various State and National events hosted by other colleges.

  • Various National and International University Collaborations and workshops.

  • Set up an active Centre of excellence for `Innovative Design and Construction Technologies’ with the Politecnico De Milano from Milan, Italy.

  • Regular guest lecturers by luminaries in the Civil Engineering field that are carried out all year long.

  • Holistic development of students through our Rural Immersion Programs under which we place our students in rural areas for them to come up with efficient solutions for the people.

  • Peace Studies is an integral part of our curriculum and includes Peace and Yoga classes.

  • Fostering a sporting culture students to participate in various sporting events to build winning personalities.

Programme Structure

  • B.TECH Civil engineering is a 4 years full time study Programme with Twelve Trimesters with a choice based Credit system (with upward of 180 credits) and choice based electives to follows specialized tracks.

  • Social Internship for 1 week in first year for exposure to community issues/ needs.

  • National and International Study Tours which includes visits to Industries, Industrial Exhibitions, Research Laboratories and Research Organizations and Premium Institutes of National and International repute.

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