Best Architectural works around the World – HAGIA SOPHIA (Istanbul)

One of the most iconic, and indeed revolutionary, structures to have ever existed is the grand Hagia Sophia in Constantinople (modern Istanbul). Considered the epitome of Byzantine architecture, the present structure was completed in AD 537 after the previously standing structure was destroyed in the Nika Riots. The Hagia Sophia was the largest cathedral in the world for over a thousand years as well as being the seat of the Eastern Orthodox Church; and until the building of the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, it was the grandest mosque in the Islamic world. The grandness of the structure has been attested to by numerous accolades that it has received over the years as well as the way it revolutionized architecture, and indeed provided the original inspiration for the domes used in almost all mosques around the world. Indeed, the original inspiration for the famed Taj Mahal domes can be traced back to the Hagia Sophia!……Read More


Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay

  • The entire Esplanade has been constructed on reclaimed land.
  • Its unique outer design, which features many overlapping aluminium sheet sunshades serves the dual purpose of creating a distinct look (Locals will swear that it looks like the Durian fruit) while ensuring maximum lightning and minimal heating inside the premise.
  • Build on 75,186 m2 of land.
  • It houses four theatres, a concert hall, a mall, rehearsal rooms and offices.
  • The Concert hall is housed within one of the spiny domed areas and can be acoustically ‘tuned’ so that everything from rock to classical can be played to optimum effect.
  • The theatre stage is so large that a Concorde can be parked in them, with room to spare!

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