Mrs Pratiksha Khurpade


Pratiksha Khurpade is an M.Tech (Chemical Engineering) and currently pursuing PhD in Petroleum Engineering from Savitribai Phule Pune University. She has two years of industrial experience. She is working as a Member of the Anti Ragging Committee, MAEER’s, MIT, Pune. Her previous research work is related to the Synthesis of biodiesel from various feedstocks and its blending with petroleum diesel. Currently, her research study is on flow through porous media.

Qualification :
M.Tech(Chemical Engineering)

B.Tech(Chemical Engineering)

Research Papers :

    • Research paper 1: Kale P.R, Kulkarni A.D and Nandi S.(2014) ‘Synthesis of Biodiesel from Low-Cost Vegetable Oil and Prediction of Fuel Properties of Biodiesel – Diesel Mixture’, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 53, 19654-19659

    • Research paper 2: Somnath Nandi, Pratiksha Kale, “A Short Review on Fines Migration through Porous Media”, Recent Trends in Fluid Mechanics, STM Journals, 2 (1), 1-8, 2015.

    • Research paper 3: A.D.Kulkarni, T.R. Humbare, P. D. Khurpade and S. Nandi (2019), ‘Comments on “Measurements and empirical correlations in predicting biodiesel-diesel blends’ viscosity and density”, Fuel, 256, 115837, 2019.

    • Research paper 4: Pratiksha D. Khurpade, Somnath Nandi, Pradeep B. Jadhav and Lalit K. Kshirsagar, “CMG Based Simulation Study of Water Flooding of Petroleum Reservoir”, Chapter 2 of Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Advances in Energy Research, Edited by M. Bose and A. Modi, Springer Proceedings in Energy, Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd. 2020. available at:

    • Research paper 5: Kalyani Y. Gaidhania, Pratiksha D. Khurpade and Somnath Nandi, “Hibiscus leaves extract: A green corrosion inhibitor”, Journal of Indian Chemical Society, 2020, 97, 865-869.

Experience :

    • Teaching experience: 9 Years 6 Months

    • Industry experience: 2 Years

Subjects :

Particle Technology, Process Instrumentation and Intruemtation Analysis, Catalysis Technology