Prof. Dr. P. Srinivas Subbarao

Management is all about managing people, resources and difficult times while making profit in business by following the ethical values of human life and sustainable values of the planet. Management education, therefore, is the most dynamic platform to educate, inspire and activate the spirit of creativity and innovation to solve everyday problems in society, economy and environment and at the same time be prepared for the future. Being Future Ready is the mantra.

Our BBA programs have been designed to provide the broad base of business education while developing the foundational knowledge of management in theory and practice. We have been at the forefront of this by integrating case analysis, rural immersions, international study tours, internships, live projects, industry exposure, and market oriented skills development for each of our students.

Our syllabus reflects the combination of knowledge and experience of industry leaders, academic experts, business thinkers, innovators and entrepreneurs. We not only focus on analyzing the existing trends and we, in fact, train our students to visualize emerging as well as yet un-manifested future trends. Our faculty members are on the top of their subject expertise, who bring in experience in academic research, quality publications, industry engagement, passion for life-long learning, and an undying zeal to mentor the future corporate citizens of the world.

We strongly believe in the transformational capacity of technology. Our classrooms, labs, auditorium, library are all equipped with the latest technology to facilitate effective learning. The Post-COVID 19 world has jumped very quickly to the next level of technology absorption in education as evidenced in the case of the rise of several leading EdTech companies in India and around the world.

We have consistently focused our time, energy and resources to build a 21st Century higher education platform that combines the technology of the present time along with the wisdom of the ancient past. Our thousands of alumni, who work in several leading companies of the world, take pride in having graduated from this campus with skills, networks and life time friendships and associations with their classmates, contemporaries, faculty members and with the university. The best gift one can gift to oneself is education, an education that is value centred, an education that is industry focused, an education that is global in outlook and local in action, and overall an education that can create opportunities for others to get educated through capacity development and entrepreneurship.

The student is the center of our teaching, learning and research activities thereby giving us the most important responsibility to train the future business leaders who can transform India and the world by making it a better place to live, work, business while being mindful of the needs of the future generations.