Dr. (Mrs) Apurva Naik


Dr. Apurva Naik graduated in Electronics Engineering from Shivaji University, Kolhapur in 1992.She has completed her M.E in Electronics from Shivaji University, Kolhapur in 2002 . Dr. Apurva Naik has completed her Ph.D. in Electronics Engineering from RTM Nagpur university , Nagpur.


  • Ph. D.
  •  M.E. (Electronics)
  •  B.E. (Electronics)

Research Papers

Journal papers published: 4 

Conference papers published: 11


“System And Method For Determining Bed Profile of River Sedimentation for River Model Studies” Patent Application No: 3897/MUM/2015., Title: “System and Method for depth estimation of Stereo Images”, Patent Application No: 2835/MUM/2014. Publication Date:7/11/2014


Teaching experience : 24 Years

Industry experience : 1 Year


Electronic Devices and Circuits, Electronic product Design, Embedded Processor, Embedded System Design, Software Tools, Computer organization and Architecture, Image Processing and Computer Vision