School of Biology



  • Faculty at School of Biology is doing interdisciplinary research in the area of Nanobiotechnology, proteomics, genomics and cell biology. Current research projects are focused on multiplexed biosensors and bioimaging for translation to Point-Of-Care diagnosis of cancer and infectious diseases. We employ electrochemical and fluorescence-based methods for detection.

  • One major area of research is Implications of AYUSH medical systems for Biological Science, involving systems biology and complexity.

Research 5
  • In our on-going research program, we utilize the potential of nano-biophotonics as an ever expanding cross-disciplinary field to bridge the gap of translation of novel biomedical technologies from laboratory to clinics and public healthcare. In this program we plan to develop and validate nanophotonic-based multiplexed analysis platform for its application to the diagnosis of cancer and infectious diseases prevalent in the society. Other work in biomaterials and neutraceuticals is in progress. Faculty members have earlier received grants from funding agencies DST, DBT, DRDO. Faculty at School of Biology has delivered fruitful outcomes in assay development, in-vitro fluorescence and immunoassays, biomarker identification and expression of genetically engineered proteins.

  • Collaborative, consultancy, funded research and academic projects are regularly undertaken in the following areas.
    Multiplexed detection of pathogens by nanomaterials like graphene, quantum dots and composite nanomaterials. (electrochemical and fluorescence-based methods)

  • Biofunctionalization of nanomaterials, hierarchical assembly of nanomaterials and biomaterials and in-vitro characterization and evaluation.

  • Assay Development, Multiplexing; Lab-on-Chip devices, BioMEMS, Bioconjugation of nanomaterials and biomolecules.

  • Analytical Method Development, Bioengineering, Biomaterials and bio-inspired materials for Sensor applications.
    Research grants: Research grant of Rs. 60 Lakhs from Innovation Translation division of Indian Council of Medical Research. Project is on Developing of lectin nano-biosensor for early detection of urinary bladder cancer by noninvasive approach.