School of Biology


Digital classrooms


The classrooms are spacious, student centric having maximum capacity up to 120 students.
Each classroom is equipped with-

  • Projector/ Smart Boards

  • Collar Mike

  • Spacious Benches

  • White Board

Infrastructure_Classrooms 2



The World Peace Centre Library at MIT-WPU, also known as Shri Saint Dnyaneshwara World Peace Library situated at MIT Pune Campus boasts of a collection of books on varied subjects such as philosophy, humanities, religion, human rights, Vedic studies, Yoga, Literature, Psychology, Management, Education and related subjects. These books are used by students and staff for their knowledge enhancement and growth.

The Library has a collection of more than 9500 books for Liberal Arts, Commerce & Science Streams including General Subjects and Foreign Languages. It subscribes to over 29 National and International journals and magazines. The LASC Library is computerized & also has a collection of CD’s, DVD’s. The Library is automated and provides OPAC facility giving full information regarding books issued/returned/journals/CDs/DVDs etc.

Digital Infrastructure


The Library resources are backed by updated digital infrastructure Including-Computers, Internet, Bandwidth, Reprographic facilities etc.

  • Desktop terminals are interconnected with LAN. Scanners and DVD writers are also available.

  • Only Library members can avail the library facilities.

  • Library provides internet facility for online search and full text e-journals.

  • An in-house hands-on training for online access is provided by the library.

Online Databases


These are shared through CLRC

  • EBSCO:

  • J-Gate:


  • Prowess :

  • Springer Computer Science Engg.:

  • Elseviers Science Direct:

  • N-List :

  • An in-house hands-on training for online access is provided by the library.

Infrastructure_Microbiology lab

Microbial Culture laboratory


Microbial Culture facility has compartmentalized aseptic section with biosafety hood, Incubator, Microscopes. Regular microbiology experiments and research activities are conducted here.

Animal Tissue Culture laboratory


For processing the animal tissues for culture purpose a sterile or aseptic area is needed. The tissue culture lab is housed with Biosafety cabinet, Inverted Fluorescence Microscope (Zeiss), ELISA Plate reader, CO2 Incubator, Weighing balance, -20 refrigerator.

Infrastructure_Animal Tissue Culture Lab
Infrastructure_Microbiology lab

Bioanalytical laboratory


Bioanalytical laboratory has facilities like Rota vapor, HPLC, FTIR, Electrochemical Workstation, Spectrophotometer, etc. Immunoassays, Electrochemical experiments, Ligand-receptor binding, biomarker assays are performed in the lab.

Computer Laboratory


The University campus houses a centrally air-conditioned computer laboratory with 150 Intel i3/i5 processor dedicated workstations networked with two servers. Students have a 24-hour free Internet access. In addition to this, the e-campus at MIT-WPU Pune, with 800 computers, is directly linked with the department network with a dedicated lease line internet connection with a bandwidth of 12 MBPS.
The computer lab has two dedicated servers loaded with various software’s like Oracle, Visual Studio, Advanced Java, Page Maker, Corel Draw, Linux etc which are accessible from all workstations. Qualified lab assistants are readily available to guide and instruct students.

Infrastructure_Computer rooms
Infrastructure_Recreation Canteen

Cafeteria / Recreation facility


A full-fledged cafeteria is available at the campus. In addition, a relaxation room is also provided to the students within the MIT-WPU School of Management-UG College building itself where tea, coffee, snacks, soft drinks etc are available. Multimedia facilities are also made available in the relaxation room. Provision of news channels and educational and documentary films facilitate students to relax and garner some useful information during scheduled breaks.

Medical Services


Fully equipped dispensaries with doctors are available at our premises. Various medical checkups and campaigns are held free of charge for all the students and faculty members during every academic year.

Infrastructure_Medical Services



A 500 Seater Air-conditioned Convention Facility with well-engineered acoustics for conducting Seminars, Conferences and Training sessions supported by updated Audi-visual technology and sound systems. This Auspicious venue has been witness to knowledge sessions, insightful talks and felicitations of remarkable global personalities for over 3 decades.

Meditation Center


today’s highly competitive world, only those who gain total control over their mind will rise above the ordinary to lead happy and successful lives.
At MIT Pune, ‘Excelling means not just in studies but in life too. With the responsibility to create better citizens, MIT has built the ‘Meditation Temple’ which is set in the most appropriate and natural surrounding amidst, green trees. 365 steps lead you to ‘ Meditation Temple ‘ which is at the top of a hill behind the World Peace Centre.