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Holistic Education


Students chapter of Society of Biological Engineers

The Society for Biological Engineering (SBE), an AIChE Technological Community, is a global organization of leading engineers and scientists dedicated to advancing the integration of biology with engineering. SBE is dedicated to promoting the integration of biology with engineering and realize its benefits through bioprocessing, biomedical and biomolecular applications.

This students chapter is an ideal platform for students from diverse background to integrate their academic and professional skills.

Workshop on Current trends in Biotechnology, conducted by SBE students chapter on 28th Nov 2019

Resource Person: Eminent Scientist, Dr. B.P. Chatterjee from Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute, Kolkata.

Activities 3

Workshop – “Fundamentals Of Innate, Integrated And Artificial Intelligence”

Science Day Workshop held on 2nd March 2020. Resource Person: Eminent researcher, Prof. Alex Hankey from UK, faculty at School of Biology, MIT-WPU.