School of Law

BBA, LL.B. (Hons.)

Program Overview

BBA, LL.B. (Hons.) is an integrated five-year undergraduate program which focuses on the study of in depth analysis of with expertise in the theory of Management, Finance, Marketing, and Human Resources and all the relevant laws along with their practical implementation aspect. The program is structured in a way so that the students shall be trained for the business world as well as in Civil and Criminal practice. The course, apart from instilling the legal knowledge to students shall also instill a sense of value and ethics, which will help the students not only in becoming good lawyers, but will also help them in becoming good human beings.

The daily interaction with the big wigs of the profession will help them groom for the professional world and will prepare them to be top notch in business.

Salient features

A week-long Induction program in which the students shall be given a bird’s eye view of all the subjects that they shall be taught during their stint in college. The students shall also be made aware of the importance of values and ethics while studying law, which often gets lost in the hustle-bustle and competition in college life.

  • Case based Teaching Pedagogy.

  • Regular Guest lectures by renowned Professors, Jurists and Legal Luminaries from across the globe.

  • Regular Court visits.

  • Regular Moot Court sessions.

  • Rural Immersion Program.

  • Legal Aid Clinic.

  • National Legal Tours as an integral part of the program.

  • Regular Personality Development Programs and Workshops by leading Law Professionals.

  • Placements support.

Credit Structure

Each Term will have Full credit courses (4,3) Half Credit courses (2) and specified Honors Courses (2).

The programs are divided into 15 trimesters for BBA, LL.B. (Hons.) and 9 trimesters for LL.B.